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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a licensed cosmetologist who loves all things beauty related. Having worked in the industry for over 4 years, you start to realize when the hair pieces you have purchased are worth it or not. 

With this in mind, I’m going to be doing a deep dive review of a product from an e-commerce store called Rosegal. 

The item I will be talking about is a short side bang straight human hair wig. This wig was purchased without any incentive and an unbiased honest review will be given.


Rosegal was started by a group of friends who love all things beauty and fashion related. They provide a variety of different styles and as we can see, have even recently started including hair on their site.

The store is cute but obviously is meant to focus on clothes not on hair. With this in mind, the fact that the hair section is new, they still have a good selection. I did notice that you are not able to view all of the product descriptions, likely a glitch in the site.

The range of products was okay because the wigs were new. They had about 15 different options but most of them looked the same. The one problem was not all of the descriptions can be accessed so you wouldn’t know much about the details of the products.

The customer support was something I found hard to evaluate. I didn’t have any connection with them the entire order. This was one area that had a lot of complaints when reviewing the company from other customers.

The delivery on my item was quite long. It took about 2 weeks but it does fall into the expected timing for the company. Compared to other companies I feel as if this is a long wait. If you are ordering time sensitive products you may want to think twice about ordering with Rosegal.

The two biggest problems with the company lie in customer service and delivery times. Many customers claimed to never have even received their products. This can be frustrating.

What I Like

  • Site – The website offers a variety of different discount codes.
  • Price – I think the hair quality accurately reflects the price.
  • Hair strands – Although the hair was synthetic, I was pleasantly surprised with the texture.

What I Don’t Like

  • Packaging – The hair was wrapped in about three envelopes and finally a cheap box, no labeling to even know the company.
  • Selection – Even though they are new, they could have had a variety of different styles.
  • Density – The hair could have been more dense at the nape of the neck.

Hair quality

Hair strands

The hair is synthetic, so naturally the strands aren’t as soft and silk as human hair. The strands feel thick and slightly coarse but not in a bad way, for synthetic hair the strands feel nice.

Do keep in mind the hair sheds a lot. As I combed through the hair a few times, a  big pile of hair accumulated. As you are likely to brush it daily, it makes me wonder how long the unit would last before It would start to look like it’s balding.

The strands are 100% black and the hair doesn’t give off a shiny look like many synthetic wigs. Due to the hair not having any sort of undertone of color, you can tell it’s synthetic relatively fast. 


The wig does not contain any lace, therefore it does not have a real hairline. This can be a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for.

The hair does contain a rubber “closure” that is meant to replicate a fake scalp. The fake scalp is quite white and may look unnatural depending on your natural skin color.​​ This is no substitute for lace.

The hair is styled in a way that covers the hairline so you don’t need to worry about how it may look in the end. If the hair exposed any of the hairline it would be difficult to make the unit look natural. 


The site didn’t advertise the hair coming in a specific density. While this unit didn’t come with a custom density I feel as if it could have been slightly thicker, especially at the nape of the neck.

Having higher densities, especially custom ones, is more common for real human hair units. While you couldn’t choose the hair density for the price, I think it makes sense. 

Since the hair is meant to be short, it would be difficult to find a balance in density and thickness anyways. Having preset lengths and density is likely helpful for a customer in this case.


For being relatively cheap, the hair was constructed quite well. There were no loose strings and the wefts were sewn straight. This will lead to longer longevity for wigs.

The one downside would have to be the fake scalp. It’s clearly sitting on top as a form of closure and not blended well enough with the rest of the wefts. If any movement occurred, like a subtle breeze, you would definitely be able to see the rubber scalp.

Since the wig doesn’t have a cap, this lead to less room for error in cap construction and the overall makeup of the unit.

Cap Size

This wig is capless – meaning the actual size of the cap is flexible. While this is the case, you need to be more careful when doing things like brushing. The unit can easily snag since the wefts are not attached to a base.

There are two clips, one at the nape and one at the top of the unit. Clips are more secure than the typical comb. There is also elastic on the sides, but due to one of the ways the clips are connected it cuts off some of the slots to attach it tighter. 

The site doesn’t allow for any customization in cap size or even a size chart. In order to make sure you get the right size this is recommended but I don’t believe you will have a problem with sizing.

Store Experience

When first looking into the store, you see that it is a clothing store that happens to have a section for wigs. I wouldn’t call this site a place that specializes in hair pieces. The wigs even appear to be a new section.

While the site does seem to specialize in clothing, not hair, the site does favor the look of a hair website. The site advertises current deals, new arrivals, and discount codes.

Due to the hair being new on the site, there is a limited selection available. There are 15 different wigs to choose from at this point. I feel that is a good amount for a company just starting out but I did notice not all of the links to the products worked.

Range of Products

Rosegal does have a wide range of products but majority of them aren’t in the beauty or hair area. All of the hair provided on the site is synthetic. 

Not all of the wigs allowed for you to look at the product description. I don’t believe this is because they are trying to hide something, I think this section of the site is new and they haven’t worked out the glitches.

With this in mind the prices seem pretty cheap on all the products, this is more than likely due to the hair not being real. They offer fun styles to switch up your everyday look.

Customer Support 

The company has a variety of different ways to reach a representative for help. They have a phone line which is available Monday to Sunday 10qm to 7pm EST. They also provide an email specifically for support problems.

Two other methods of contact are Facebook messenger and a live chat. Both of these require you to sign in with your Rosegal account to get further assistance.

I personally did not get updated via text which is a common option when dealing with hair companies. Their main form of communication seems to be by email. 

Delivery Time

Rosegal ships worldwide to almost every country using major shipping services and trusted international shipping carriers.

Shipping is free on orders over $59. The company claims shipping would take 10-18 business days to the US and that was accurate. The product took just under 2 full weeks to arrive. 

Along with standard shipping, the company also provides priority mail shipping and expedited shipping. You are able to choose your preferred service at checkout. Rosegal also ships out within 24 hours of the order being placed. This ensures your package will be delivered as soon as possible.

What others are saying

This customer was not happy with the shipping, she never even received her order. The tracking didn’t come up because the order was not found in the system. She wishes she would have spent her money somewhere else.

This customer ordered a time sensitive item that she never received. She wanted to follow through with a return for at least the shipping since it wasn’t sent in time but they refused. Hopefully once she received the item she was able to get a refund.


How long does it take Rosegal to ship?

It depends on the shipping destination country and the way the product is shipped. If there is a serious disaster, event, or problem, the shipping will be postponed unter the situation clears up.

Why is the shipping on some Rosegal items so expensive?

The cost will depend on your method of shipping, as well as the shipping times and destination country.  When dealing with shipping, pick a company that matches you personal needs, a place that has a reputable reputation in your country.

What payment methods does Rosegal accept?

The company accepts most credit and debit cards. They also allow payment with paypal which is a convenient worldwide payment system, it doesn’t matter which country you may be in.

Do we recommend it? 

If you want an affordable wig that doesn’t look low quality this is a great choice for you. While the site does not specialize in wigs it is off to a good start. 

The shipping does take a while and if you ever have a problem with the product, the customer service may not be the greatest help.

Overall I’d recommend it if you are just starting out with wigs, otherwise you may want to invest a little more. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. 


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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