42 Sew in Bob Weave Hairstyles in 2023

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Do you find long hair cumbersome? Have you ever wanted to try a shorter style? Below, we look at some of the most stunning sew-in bob hairstyles that will have you turning heads no matter where you go!

Bob Weave Styles

Bobs are normally chin-to-shoulder length hairstyles. They are a great in-between style to try if you do not want your hair to be too long or short. Bobs can also be versatile. 

The great thing about bob weaves is that they are normally touch-and-go. But, there is also the option to style it how you like. Whether you want curls, crimps, or waves.

1. Layered

Bobs are very cute. I love this layered bob look. The feathering and sleek edges are a great way to wear a bob style. Adding movement to bobs is very important.

Source: @she2_nice

2. Caramel

This caramel color is beautiful. It enhances the look of this bob. I like the texture of this bob created by this curly hairstyle.

3. Blonde Bangs

Bangs and bobs go well together. I love the cut of the bangs. This length looks great with the shorter bob and the color is striking.

4. Long Asymmetrical 

Longer bobs are very cute. The asymmetrical cut is not as drastic in this bob, It is just slightly longer than the other side. Keeping this style straight makes for a simple yet pretty style.

Source: @memiecarvelbeau

5. Root Color

The coloring of roots is a bold way to wear your hair. I love the colorful ombré looks, especially those with the entire roots colored. If you don’t like pink and purple, you can switch it up with whatever color you like.

Source: @stylebyangel_868

6. High, Full-Bumped Ponytail

The half-up look can be done in many ways. The high, full-bumped ponytail is cute. This is great if you like the half up half down look but want a shorter style.

Source: @g0rge0us_mommyof4

7. Wet Curls and Waves

I love the wet look, especially with natural curls and waves. Wearing this style with a middle parting and slicked back is gorgeous. You can customize this look by adding more baby hairs or adding a splash of color to make it your own. 

Source: @pinkvalenciaga_

8. Colored Ends

Coloring your ends is a great way to add some bold color to bobs. It would look cute in any style, but with shorter hairstyles, the color becomes even more prominent. 

Source: @memiecarvelbeauty

9. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a great way to spark up any style. I love it when black women wear blonde. This is a nice short blunt-cut bob.

Source: @romancehair_ivy

10. Wispy Bang 

This wavy bob is gorgeous. Bangs complement this style well. It is a very classy look. It would work great for a date or night out.

11. Long Blonde, Wavy Bob

Adding cute waves to a bob is never a bad idea. It adds movement and makes the style look fuller.

Source: @memiecarvelbeauty

12. Brown With Swoop

Brown is a pretty color on black women. This bob is cute with the large feathered swoop. The styling of this bob is great and you can do this easily yourself. You can also experiment with different colors and shades on the swoop. 

Source: @memiecarvelbeauty

13. Curled Ends

This is a unique bob. The way the ends are curled creates a nice bumped look to the ends of the bob. This is a cute style to do especially with a curved side part like this. 

Source: @taedidi

14. Burgundy

Burgundy is a great color for black women. This asymmetrical look is simple and cute. Adding color to any style you choose can make the style your own.

Source: @slaidit

15. Large Red Waves

Large finger waves are not a normal style you see in bobs. This is a unique way to style a bob and give it a sort of classic look.

Source: @voiceofhair

16. Multi-Colored 

This multi-colored bob is amazing. The color choice and placement go great with the style. When trying new colors and styles it’s important to have an idea of what it should look like before starting.

Source: @kendrasboutique

17. Curly

I love curls and body. This style has both. The curls in this bob are very luscious and I don’t think adding baby hairs would hurt this style. 

Source: @pinkvalenciaga_

18. Egirl Stripe

Adding a pop of color to the style is a beautiful idea to make a hairstyle your own. The egirl stripe is just a streak of color at the front of a style. It can be done in any color but shades of blonde are the most common.

19. Asymmetrical

This is an amazing take on the asymmetrical bob. The long side is curled while the other side is left straight and blunt. 

Source: @sowigs_max

20. Crimped

Crimps are a beautiful style. I love this style on a bob. The slicked back side is a good take for this look.

Source: @melaninconnections

21. Blonde Blunt Cut

I love the blunt cut style with a side part. If you don’t mind your hair being on your face this is a good look. The blonde shades add dimension to this style. 

Source: @londonlaidit

22. Blue

Blue is such a pretty color for hairstyles. This blend of dark and light blues is a good way to make the color look natural and like a costume wig. It adds dimension to the hair through color overlapping.

Source: @sowigs_max

23. High Bun

This high bun is a great way to style your bob. It is a simple style you can do yourself with a rubber band and some hairpins. 

Source: @sowigs_max

24. Bang

This bob has full bangs with a splash of color at the sides. I like when unique touches are added to a style. There are many ways to do this with weaves. 

Source: @the_rose_affect

25. Angled

Angled bobs are my favorite. The look of the back is always so cute. The feathering in the back is gorgeous, it looks so fluffy and adds movement to this style. 

Source: @cherthephd

26. Feathered

This feathered bob is fluffed and gorgeous. Curling ends and feathering the swoop does a lot for the body of this hairstyle. 

Source: @hairdrobe

27. Blunt Asymmetrical

Sleek straight bobs look great. This is a blunt asymmetrical look, the entire style is cut bluntly. This is a simple style to maintain and maintenance is touch and go. So it is great for a simplistic style.

Source: @keonit

28. Short Wavy

If you like blunt bobs but are worried about styling there are options. Like this wavy blunt bob. You can also add crimps or curls to this style.

Source: @nynysyle

29. A Short Bob of Color

Doing a short bob with color is a great way to switch up bob styles. There are many colors to choose from, but you can add bold with red and blue hues or add some soft purple and pink shades. 

Source: @elegantshair_estelle

30. Long Ombre

This is a bold color choice. The pink, red, and orange look great together in this style. The drastic length differences make this style seem edgier.

Source: @mykedia24_

31. Ombre Wave

This is another way to do waves with a bob. The loose waves are cute. She also used this as a way to protect her edges by starting the style further back.

Source: @mykedia24_

32. Blonde Ombre With Color

Doing a blonde with color looks fantastic. The added blue shades really make the color pop. This is a good way to add creativity to your hairstyles. 

33. Middle Part 

The cinnamon-colored middle part is beautiful. The slight curls look fantastic. I like how this style looks simple but can be very appealing. 

Source: @adiarebecca

34. Classic

I love when classic styles are done in modern days. This is a traditional wave and curl look with a slightly lifted front. This is a fancy way to wear a bob style. 

Source: @arrogant_tae123

35. Comb Over

This is a more edgy look for a bob. The finger comb-over adds a nice texture to this style. It is a quick style that can be done on the go.

Source: @pinkvalenciaga_

36. Short

This is a cute, simple, short bob. It is a quick and easy look that does not require much styling. I love this wig and I think everyone needs a short throw-on-and-go bob.

Source: @officaldomminiquea

37. Custom Color

Adding custom color to a hairstyle is a beautiful way to switch up a common look. This is a beautiful color that adds life to a normal bob. 

Source: @mollydinero

38. Brown Highlights

Brown as a hair color is also cute. This brown bob is cute and full. The chocolate brown looks great in this style. 

Brown highlights are a perfect way to spice up a normal look. Brown highlights are a good introduction to color, especially when it is understated. 

39. Red Short

This short red bob looks very natural. This is a great style and color if you want to try a shorter, bolder look. This has become a popular cut over the past few years. 

Source: @sowigs_max

40. Leave Out

Doing a more natural bob with leave out is still a great option. Most people decide on wigs, quick weaves, and frontal sew-ins to protect their hair. But if you don’t mind the possible damage, having leave out makes the style look completely natural. 

Source: @kirasbeautybar

41. Feathered Middle Part

This curled and feathered middle part bob frames the face perfectly. When choosing a bob, always keep in mind the face shape and desired look. Your face shape determines the type of bob hairstyle that would look best on you.

Source: @sowigs_max

42. Color

This silver color with wavy, icy blue ends is stunning. The color choices were made well and blended greatly in the wig. Picking colors that go well together and with your skin tone is very important for hairstyles. It’s always important to not only pick the right color but the right shade as well. 

Have You Found a Bob Weave You Love?

Bob weaves are very lovely. There are so many different variations to this look, so you have plenty of room to experiment and find a style you like. Whether you like curly, straight, wavy, short, or long, there is a bob weave for everyone. The most striking look are the ones that experiment with different colors or shades. Hopefully, the styles we’ve featured have provided you with plenty of inspiration and ideas.


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