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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Have you ever wanted to try short hair without cutting your hair? Or maybe you have short hair and need new style ideas. Here is a list of 50 short weave styles you can try on!

50 Short Weave Styles

Short weave styles are considered low maintenance and easier to maintain than longer styles. Bobs are my favorite short style and I tend to go no shorter than mid-neck length. That is mainly due to my face shape. I always admire the women who can pull off the shorter looks. 

Short weaves are still very common. There are even more styling options than you would think for short weave styles. This list consists of very short shaved weave looks to shoulder length looks. 

1. Bob with Braids

Source: @bundles0fjoy

The braids are an excellent addition to the short curly bob. I like good hair decorations and jewelry. This style uses the butterfly clips to create a crown-like look that looks cute with this curly style.

2. Green Finger Waves

Source: @cxmile

The finger waves are a classic short look. This shortcut is styled with large finger waves and slicked down in the back. I like how this look is a sexy look anyone can rock. 

3. Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Source: @laceassassin

Most people go for a blunt cut when considering an asymmetrical bob. But a natural cut with layers is a very pretty look. I love feathering, and it is charming in shorter styles. 

4. Pixie Cut

This pixie wig is gorgeous. This is one of the most common short styles. I like the classic short pixie. It is uncomplicated and flattering. 

5. Swept Pixie

Source: @divinebeau

This is a longer pixie style. I like how this style kept long sideburn hair to give this a different look. This longer pixie is perfect for people who want a shorter style and like movement in their hair. 

6. Long Front Pixie

Adding longer bangs to a pixie is also a common style. I like the use of color in the bangs of these styles to give some dimension to the shorter styles lacking volume.

7. Bob

Source: @monaxbanks

This natural-looking bob is very cute. This is the perfect idea for somebody first going short; it is not too short or long. When you are used to volume and movement, switching to a bob weave is a gradual way of going shorter. The bob is also such a great look that you can just wear it for a low-maintenance look. 

8. Natural Curls

Source: @monaxbanks

Trying natural short curls is always a great option. Curls are lovely and full and look great at any look. I love wearing natural curl weaves, especially for casual days. 

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9. Short and Shaggy

Source: @itsglambytai

Shaggy short styles are a regular look. You can create the shag with waves, curls, or trimming. But this short shaggy look is a brilliant way to liven up short styles. 

10. Classic Finger Waves

Finger waves are a traditional and classic style. This look is timeless and makes you look stunning and effortlessly beautiful. I believe everyone can pull a style with finger waves. 

11. Short Pin Curls

I love this style. Pin curls are a great way to style short pixie cuts. Bumping the other parts that aren’t as long is also very cute.

12. Short Blunt Bob

Source: @hairriloves

The short blunt bob is a great way to frame your face and not go too long. The middle part is a must do for a regular blunt bob. This style is simple with lots of bounce.

13. Shaved Side Wig

Source: @hairbykele

Shaving a wig may sound implausible. But she did this style immaculately. The shaved side is so dramatic and not easy to pull off. 

14. Short Asymmetrical Bob

Source: @hairriloves

The asymmetric look is one a lot of people choose because of its versatility. This curled look is full of volume and bounce. Sometimes making style work for you is as simple as adding curls or crimps. 

15. Blunt Shoulder Length

Source: @hairriloves

The shoulder-length blunt cut bob is silky straight. This wig is a great way to wear shorter styles. It gives length without it being overbearing like longer styles can get. 

16. Curly Pixie

Source: @hairriloves

This curly pink pixie is adorable. It is full of texture and dimension. I like how the curls give the appearance of movement but will stay in place.

17. Bumped with Fringe

This style is reminiscent of a 90s style. The cut is higher at the top, with fringe in the front and flat in the back. I love when the older styles are still worn today. 

18. Short Side

The shaggy look to short cuts is a cute style. It gives an unkempt look to the hair. This style has cut sides instead of shaved.

19. Natural Curl Bob

Source: @meltbybre

Natural curls are my favorite. So in any style option, I look for ways to wear natural curls. This natural unit resembles a wash and go. This is a pretty look and a good bob style to consider.

20. Short 

This short curly wig is adorable. It is a nice change from the flat short styles. Adding some soft baby hairs would make this look pop. This wig would look great without the headband also.

21. Glamour Waves

Source: @majormyra

This retro style can still be worn today. The glamour waves are stunning and full of life. This is a beautiful full-body short style. 

22. Ponytail Bob

A short bob can be made fun of with ponytails. This double ponytail look is so playful. It keeps the short styles from looking so severe. 

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23. Colorful Addin

Doing a colorful add-in to a short style is a great way to change it up. Adding the multicolored weave to this short style is a good look. It’s very creative.

24. Bowl With Volume

Source: @voiceofhair

The bowl look is also a standard short style. This blonde bowl is so cute. You can recreate this look with a quick weave wig or sew-in. 

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25. Slicked Down Pixie

The flat pixie can be given dimension with layering the colors. Leaving the top hair free to fall is also a great way to switch up the normal bumped pixie style.

26. Classic Wave

Source: @saweetie

This slicked-back wave look is stunning. It can be worn on formal occasions. Keeping this look simple is a great way to maximize the look.

27. Short Wet Curls

The wet curly look is excellent in short looks. These short curls are luscious and cute. This is a good style to try for short looks. 

28. Bowl With Side Hair

Another bowl look is with long sides. This is another style made famous in the 90s. It gives a great high low look that is great to frame the face. 

29. Bang Pixie

Source: @tamiroman

The extra-long bangs on pixies are an excellent way to change up the style. The long bangs are very sassy and create a bold look.

30. Curly Top

Source: @tamiroman

Curls are always a great way to go. If you don’t want hanging curls or very short curls, these will be a good choice.

31. Sleek with Lifted Waves

Lifted waves are a pretty finger wave style. This style has a great texture, and the waves give good movement. I like the flow of this look. 

32. Natural Curl With Bangs

Natural curls with bangs are also a good choice for a short style. The short afro makes a great hairstyle for any occasion.

33. Wavy Shag

The wavy look is a nice textured look. Messy-looking waves are a frequently seen style with long hair and shorter back styles. Hanging waves is the perfect look for a quick night out or a special event. 

34. Shaved Back

Adding weave for extra body and shape to your hair is a way to change shorter styles. You can choose to add color weave or weave matching your hair color. The color looks great and brings out the curls in this style. 

35. Kinky Curls

Source: @faith1of3

You can be as creative as you want when choosing new styles. The finger waves paired with the kinky curls are a great idea that sounds weird but works. 

36. Weave Addin

Adding color to a short style is a smart idea/ The classic black pixie would be cute by itself. But I think the color individualizes the look and adds a flair to it.

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37. Two-Toned Flat

This two-toned flat cut is daring. This straight look is great if you want to go on the edgier side. The choppy fringe and layered top are a cute way to switch up your short weave.               

38. Highlighted Sew In 

This Brown and Blonde sew-in are well done. The layered highlights give this short look extra character. I like the look of this bowl on top of the shaved back.

39. Color Bang

This large color bang is snazzy. This weave add-in is not subtle, and it does not need to be. I think adding color to your shorter styles can make you and the style feel brand new. 

40. Loose Curl 

This sew-in matches the hair perfectly. The loose curls on top of the shaved band and sides of the head are very attractive. Sometimes you want to add length to a look, maybe for some nice movement or just for a new look. This was done flawlessly in this style. 

41. Choppy Pixie

This one-side layered choppy look is unique. It is not a style seen much but takes a certain edge to pull it off. You would typically wear this style straight to give the messier chop look. But it can also be softened with curls. 

42. Swooped Bang 

Source: @mobhair

The feathered swooped band sewin is an excellent way to add volume to a short weave. I like the multi-feathered layers of this wig. The feathering goes from the front swoop to the back. This will be easy to keep up with a comb daily to keep this look fresh. 

43. Comb Over 

This comb-over is beautiful. The parts from the comb left lines that add to the overall style of this short do. I like how the lines add texture and dimension to this hairstyle.

44. Short and Simple 

This red short cut is cute and straightforward. I like how this weave is not overly complicated. This is a” get-up and go” look that you can throw on quickly. I think we all need simple wigs like this in our lineup.

45. Short and Classy

This wig is reminiscent of an older short style. This look could be effortless. The slight sweeping front bang adds a nice touch to this look. I think shorter styles can be easier for most people because of the simplicity of the look. It does not take much to dress this look up for work or a night out.

46. Short Curls

This is a shorter take on the curly pixie. The hair of this look is shorter and looks like natural curls rather than pin curls. If you don’t like the hair in your face styles, this curled back bang is a great idea. 

47. Long Front Asymmetrical Bob

Source: @bundlsofjoy

An asymmetrical bob with a dramatic front is intriguing. The dramatic difference in length creates a cute style. This style has a lot of movement but is not good if you don’t like hair constantly in your face. 

48. Shaved Side Mohawk

The mohawk is still a common style. I like the edgy look of a shaved head with a mohawk. A lovely design on the side of the head brings this style out even more.

49. Top Mohawk

Having a mohawk without the long hanging hair in the back is also a fantastic option. This style also shows you don’t have to have shaved sides for a mohawk. Finger waves or a slick down will work also. 

50. Bob with Full Bangs

Source: @stylzbyvee

My face shape does not permit a full bang look. But I still love the full bang and bob combo.

This is a low-maintenance style and is good if you want it quick and easy. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a bob, pixie, or somewhere in between, there is a style for you if you’re thinking of going short. Have you tried a short weave before, or do you want to? What style? 


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