50 Straight Weave Styles

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Do you hate the inconvenience of needing to re-style your weaves? Are curls and crimps not to your liking? 

50 Straight Weave Styles

I am not the biggest fan of straight hair. I love thick, full hair. But I do like a good straight look. And I also enjoy how much easier it is to restyle straight weaves. 

Most people believe there are only a few ways to wear straight hair. But if you like wearing straight hair, you know better. You know you can change the color, add layers, or style it to make it different.

1. Side Part

Source: @ruiyu_hairmall

I love the ginger color on this straight look. The side part is a very cute way to wear straight hairstyles. Doing a side part adds shape to a straight style which is otherwise flat.

2. Double Ponytail Half-Up

Source: @bigbrattyhair

This is a newer style that is becoming more common.The ponytails with bows and bobbles that most young girls used to wear are being brought into style for adults. This straight two toned half-up, half- down looks fun. The purplish pink just adds to the fun look of this style. If you’re going with a straight weave don’t be afraid to be adventurous with color. 

3. Highlights 

Source: @magiclover

Highlights are a great way to change up any style. If you already have a straight weave and looking for something new to do with it this would be a great idea. 

4. Kinky Straight Middle Part

Source: @sandraoseiakosa

If you want to do straight but still like body, kinky straight hair may be the right choice for you. This hair does not get silky straight but looks more like a pressed natural hair texture.

5. High Double Ponytail

Source: @kellonderyck

These high ponytails look amazing. I love the added swoop instead of the middle part; it adds to the uniqueness of this style. This is a good way to style your straight weaves for casual days. 

6. Layered

Source: @slaidit

Layers are a great way to add movement in a style. Which is why they go great in straight styles. The layers do not have to be very short. They should start frame the face and get longer from there. 

7. Knee Length

Source: @arrogant_tae123

I love these super long weaves that are becoming more normal now. The knee length hair is very dramatic but it is such a fantastic way to wear the straight look. Adding color to hair this long would be very eye catching.

8. Layered Side Part 


The waist length side part style is gorgeous. With side parts I feel the layers make the style look better. I like the versatility of the shorter parts. It could be my bias towards feathering and curls, that they don’t hold as well on longer hair.

9. Rubber band Design

Source: @styledby_yalemichelle

Doing a cute braid or rubber band design for a half-up, half-down style is cute. I like the half-up styles. There are numerous ways it can be pulled off. But the rubberband way is an easy do it yourself way to switch a straight look. 

10. Burgundy Blunt Bob With Bangs


The small bubble ponytails are so unique. This is a great way to add a little design and texture to straight looks. The small curtain bangs strips left out add a good frame to the face. This is also a good color and adds to the overall beauty of this unit. 

11. Blunt Bob

Source: @mollydinero

The blunt bob style will never go out of style. I love the color and shape of this short bob. It is a great easy maintenance way to wear straight hair, especially if you like shorter hair. 

12. Peek-A-Boo Color 

Source: @mollydinero

The peek-a-boo color is a good way to add and try color in your styles. This looks great on straight hair. The blonde is easily visible along the sleek black backdrop of hair.

13. Short Half-Up

Source: @mollydinero

I like short styles. They are less cumbersome than the longer ones. This half-up bob style is pretty. I like the baby hairs in this style but think you could go even bolder with baby hairs when dealing with shorter ponytail styles. Even a bang or swoop would go well with this. 

14. High Ponytail

Source: @mollydinero

The high ponytail is a fast and easy style to do. This style would look just as good without the swoop and just baby hairs also. You could also add hair to make this ponytail thicker.

15. Black

Source: @mollydinero

This straight look is sleek. Black hair is extremely gorgeous. I love the perfection of a black straight hairstyle. The silky straight looks so much better in jet black. 

16. High Ponytail

Source: @mollydinero

This blonde is gorgeous in this style. Smaller ponytails were frowned upon. But this thinner ponytail looks good in this style. 

17. Texture Straight

Source: @officialdominiquea

Straight does not always have to be bone straight. This textured straight is so pretty. This style makes the wig look fuller.

18. Blonde Highlights

Source: @officialdominiquea

This is a very cute highlighted look. This is different from the chunky highlights, it has a cute balayage effect. This is a great way to add depth and dimension to straight styles and to make it look fuller. 

19. Blown Out

Source: @officialdominiquea

I love the blown out look. It is great to wear a voluminous straight style. This style looks great left down like this. Though it may be too much for some people I think most could pull it off nicely.

20. Under Color

Source: @kierashonn

The trend of coloring the under part of hair is a fun trend. I like the look of this style. It gives a new meaning to the saying “business in the front, party in the back.” The drastic change from black to the pastel colors is whimsical.

21. Kinky Half-Up

Source: @officialdominiquea

This is another great way to wear the half-up style. The kinky straight hair looks great like this. I love the thick ponytail this hair creates. It looks amazing up or down. 

22. Short Ponytail

Source: @theabygaileffect_

Doing a shorter straight ponytail would not be as daunting as a longer ponytail. The frontal ponytail is also a great idea for when you can’t get the sleek look to go with the silky straight look. You could also do the do a frontal on the back of the head as well. 

23. Banged Half-up

Source: @hairriloves

I love the bangs with this half-up style. The bangs are a great way to relax on baby hairs for a while. They also make this a brand new style that gives your face a different look from pulled back hair.

24. Side Part Kinky

Source: @officialdominiquea

This could be a natural hair silk press. It looks stunning. The shape and simple styling of this kinky straight is a great everyday look that can also be worn for special occasions. The good thing about straight styles is they can be worn on every occasion.

25. Full Bangs

Source: @hairriloves

This specific shade of green is very popular currently. So using this as an underlayer color was a great choice. This is a very common bang style that was made more unique with the color choice. Spreading the color out is also a great idea.

26. Shades of Brown

Source: @beetbydrek

I love the blend of the multiple shades of brown in this style. The streaks of blonde also help to add dimension to this style. Which is very important when coloring straight weaves. The swooped baby hairs were a great touch that compliments this middle part perfectly. 

27. Ash Blonde Bob

Source: @shelahair

This blonde bob is gorgeous. I love blonde styles that keep the darker roots. It looks great that way. This blonde is a great example of shading to add dimension to colored straight weaves. Color issues will be very apparent in straight styles so be mindful when doing color.

28. Twist

Source: @hairbysimmi

Sometimes changing small things can enhance a style. Adding these two small twists and slicking down the top created a new elegant style on this straight wig. The twists are just sections of hair rolled together then pulled back.

29. Platinum Blonde

Source: @lacedbymayaj

Platinum blonde looks great on straight hair. Though it may draw some attention it looks good. This is not my favorite shade of blonde but I love how it looks on other people. So if you always wanted to try blonde, doing it like this should look great. 

30. Half-and-Half

Source: @hairbylicia

The two toned blue is an edgy look. The electric blue against the dark midnight blue looks good together. When doing a half and half look you do not have to go with shades of the same color. You could choose Orange and white and it would look good if the colors are done right.

31. Long Ponytail

Source: @sty.ledbycoco

The extra long ponytail is a good way to go bold with a straight ponytail. Most people don’t go with the longer ponytails but I think this is a beautiful choice. It would be good for catching eyes.

32. Swoop

Source: @iamtrjko

The swoop with the deep side part is a classic style. I love this look on layered styles when they are feathered just as much as I like the slicked down swoop. This style is very simple and can be done on the go and do always require gel or spritz a pin can work also.

33. High Side Ponytail

Source: @stylebyangel_868

This high ponytail is eye-catching. The side ponytails are not done as much as they used to be but they still look beautiful. I think this ponytail would have benefited with the softer curled baby hairs. It would have softened the style a little and made it more fun. 

34. Color

Source: @tynishabee

This is the perfect example of under hair coloring. The hair on the top is a baby pink while under it the hair is more of a bright magenta color. If the hair was not layered this would not be as obvious and would give off a peek-a-boo result. 

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35. Two Braids

Source: @youngafricana

Wearing a straight style does not have to be boring. This cutesy pink unit with dark pink roots has two braids added to the front. The braids wrap around to give a halo type look and makes the root color look way more dramatic than they would if the hair was down. 

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36. Brown with Low Lights

Source: @arrogant_tae123

These browns are gorgeous. The low lights in this unit adds dimension to the normal brown. I also like the lighter highlights added to round out this whole look. 

37. Colorful

Source: @slayedbydalvi

I love the multicolored look of this style. The pastel colors are bright and give a whimsical vibe. Layering different shades and colors like this is a perfect way to refresh a straight style

38. Asymmetrical Bob

Source: @slayedbydalvi

The asymmetrical bob has to be the most popular bob. This style always looks great. But they look especially good when they are silky straight. This is looks amazing with the baby hairs and extra long side. 

39. Bob

Source: @youngafricana

The brown roots are a different color. It doesn’t look as natural as brown but it is a pretty color combination. This short straight bob looks good in this color. 

40. Low Kinky Ponytail

Source: @naturallynata

The kinky straight hair would look great in a low ponytail. You could wear a hat with it or wear it as is. But there are a lot of options with low ponytails. 

41. Twisted Front

Source: @lilitaley

This style reminds me of when I first started trying to do my own hair in elementary. This was a style my mom did a hundred times with the butterfly hair clips and all. This is a quick and simple way to style your hair. It is just twisted hair that is rubber banded then clips are added for accessories.

42. Swooped Bob

Source: @hairby.nyy

Swooping the front of your style is an amazing way to keep your hair out of your face and to make a gorgeous style. The swoop can be hard or soft gelled down to stay in place.

43. Skunk Stripe

Source: @hairriloves

The skunk stripe is a very playful way to color your hair. You could go for the more edgy white or blonde on black or do something a little bit more fun. Like this yellow on green. I think skunk stripes were made for silky straight styles, it gives them character and depth. 

44. Ombre

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Ombre color looks great on straight hair. You can see the entire color change when the hair is straight rather than on curly hair where it would blend together.  

45. Blonde Ponytail

Source: @slayedbydalvi

Most people try to keep ponytails close to their natural hair color. If they didn’t the ponytail would look unreal in the style. But now the option to do frontal ponytails and more and more people doing full wig ponytails your color choices are unlimited. So when choosing a straight ponytail feel free to pick the color you want.

46. Layers

Source: @youngafricana

This is a very cute layer cut. This is the perfect length for layers. You can see the full effect of the layers on this style at this length. The ombre make the layers of this style look more pronounced. 

47. Design Half-Up

Source: @certified_stylez_

Using rubber bands to create designs is an easy way to style a look. This one is done in a half-up, half-down style with a high ponytail. The scrunchie makes for a good ponytail holder in this look.

48. Layered

Source: @hairbyella_delilah

This is a different take on layers for the longer mid back style. The hair is layered all the way down to mid way through the length. Though this adds a lot of great movement it also takes away some of the fullness of the style. So keep that in mind when you consider layers. 

49. Middle Part Long

Source: @__traya

This hair is shiny and bone straight. It is hard to style hair this long so keeping it straight is sometimes the only option. A middle part is the perfect style for hair this long to keep it out of your face and it looks great. 

50. Headband

Source: @theanayal8ter

Headbands are great for styling hairstyles. Whether you’re doing it to be laid back or stylish. This headband is a great accessory to add to combed back straight style.  

Final Thoughts

Straight waves do not have to all be flat and sleek. There are many ways to style straight weaves to make them your own. What styles did I miss? Do you prefer straight or curly hair? 


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