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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a lover of all things beauty related. I have been in the industry for a while now and have learned what to look for when shopping for hair. Finding good products to use can be a challenge and finding a reputable company can be even more difficult.

I will be reviewing the company The House of Bundles. The specific product that was purchased from the company was their straight glueless closure wig. The product was bought outright and this post is not sponsored in any way.


The House of Bundles is committed to improving the hair industry. They provide a wide range of products that are meant to service all races all while remaining innovative. Their clients are a top priority and they offer a variety of different shopping options for customers.

The store looked very unique in its first impression. The site pointed out different areas of interest to their customers, yet kept a layout that was easy to follow. They offered services to help the shopping experience such as buy now, pay later.

The range of products this company offered was quite amazing. They offered many extensions that are difficult to find unless you have certain resources. Over 8 different types of texture are provided and the option to buy colored units.

Customer service with this company proved to be very easy. I was connected with them via the business chat from Apple. This is similar to a live chat as you receive answers quite fast. They also have the option to email and connect via social media.

The product took 6 business days to arrive which is over their expected timeline. The unit was shipped via USPS and had a $15 fee. The House of Bundles offers two other options to receive a shipment at an expedited rate. The company also offers same day shipping.

It was pretty difficult to find reviews on The House of Bundles. The ones I did find were quite negative. The biggest problem seemed to fall under the texture of the hair. When trying to solve the problem, the customer service then became an additional source of complaints.

What I Like

  • Loyalty program – allows an opportunity for you to save money on their products.
  • Hair strands – The hair felt silky and soft all while looking very healthy.
  • Customer service – I found getting in contact with the company to be very easy.

What I Don’t Like

  • Construction – The company used light thread to attach the wefts and it didn’t blend.
  • Customizations – They were available, but with outrageous additional fees.
  • Packaging – The hair came in a very underwhelming package, they could improve.

Hair Quality

Hair strand

The first thought when feeling the hair was it’s soft and tender to touch. This is highly desired as it leads to less tangles and provides easier styling. The one downside to it being too silky would be the possibility of it having difficulty holding a curl.

The hair was purchased in the color natural. It comes across as a black but with warm undertones. The straight texture of the hair accentuates the color of the hair along with highlights the overall health of the hair.

The hair sheds a little but not enough to be worried. Most of the shedding occurred when initially brushed but stopped shortly after. This could have been the access strands that weren’t connected 100%.


The wig was purchased with a 4×4 lace closure. The material of the lace was standard, it blended well but did feel on the thin side. I would recommend being careful as it could easily tear.

The unit didn’t appear to be pre-plucked or have baby hairs. While this is the case, both of these are easy fixes if you want to customize further. Although for the price of the unit I believe they could have included it for free.

The knots don’t appear to be bleached but do look single knotted. This means the base of the knot is thinner and blends into the lace easier.


The hair had a density of 130% which is similar to the density of someone’s natural hair. Two to three bundles were used to create the wig. Even though the hair was 18 inches, the wig didn’t feel too thin.

The website did offer the choice to upgrade the density of the hair. They offered up to 200% density but at a fee of $150 addition to the unit price. I think the company could have started the base density at 150%.

Even though the base density works, for the price of the unit, I would have expected a high density. 


One thing that stuck out right away was the color of the thread. It was lighter than the wefts so you could clearly see it. This was especially a problem with the hair wrapped around the side hairline of the unit.

Aside from the color of the thresh, there weren’t any loose strings that would affect the longevity of the wig. Everything on the unit felt secure and sturdy.

The wefts lined up perfectly with the closure. They laid flat, not creating any sort of uplift or uneven surface. This helps the wig to look more natural when it’s installed on the head.

Cap Size

The cap was purchased at an average size, medium. The material of the cap is stretchy yet sturdy, this means you can manipulate it without worrying about damaging the wig. It also means it will be comfortable when wearing the wig all day.

The unit comes with 4 combs and elastics along the back of the unit. The company also provides one thick strap to further secure the unit.

There were customizations available for this area on the unit. Small and medium cap sizes were available at no extra cost. The medium had an up charge of $10. Unless you have a lot of hair, I don’t think the biggest size would be needed so you can save money in that area.

Store Experience 

The first impression of the store was how unique it looked. As you scrolled through the site, specifically the home page, you can see how they pinpoint different areas of interest. They highlight different textures, featured products, and looks to recreate.

The layout of the store makes perfect sense as you can easily navigate from the landing page. House of Bundles shares information about the overall company as well as guides to better guide your buying.

The company offers a buy now and pay later service that is highly advertised. They also showcase items that are on sale but not additional discount codes. One area they could have done without was the popup on the bottom of the screen that showed what customers had purchased in the past.

Range of Products

The House of Bundles has a wide range of extensions and wigs. They offer clip-ins, tape-ins, micro-rings, and I-tips. These can be hard extensions to find at a reasonable price and all in one place.

They also offer over 8 different types of texture. The wide range offers the perfect fit for just about anyone. The company even offers customizable colors for their products. This isn’t very common for extensions.

One downside to the wide range of products available is their lack of customization. For example, their wigs allow no availability to customize. For the price you pay, you would think you would get to choose a few options. 

Customer Support 

The company never contacted me during my order process but when I did reach out, they responded right away. The option I used happened to be the business chat provided by Apple. 

The company has a variety of different forms of communication in addition to phones. They also offer email, social media, in person stores, and contact specifically for their showrooms.

The contact option on the website that appears to be a live chat is not. It redirects you to messages, if you’re on an Apple device, and you can converse through a business chat. I found this to be extremely helpful as they answered in just a few seconds.

Delivery Time

The wig took 6 business days to arrive. The estimated delivery time was 2-4 business days meaning they were a bit behind. For domestic shipping they use both USPS and FedEx, mine came via USPS.

The shipping was an additional $15 to the total cost of the order. In addition to standard shipping, they also offer express and urgent shipping. Keep in mind shipping only takes place on business days.

Certain products for the company are available for same day shipping. This is only if the product is ordered before 4pm EST. If not ordered by this time, the product will ship out the following business day.

What others are saying

This client was wary of the different hair textures. The straight hair didn’t pose a problem but the curly hair did. The hair tangled and shed leading the customer to be disappointed.

This customer was not happy with the hair she received. It came in the wrong texture which proved to be the first problem. After she reached out, they said she was the one who issued the change. After this allegation, she wanted more information and they stopped answering emails.


Does The House of Bundles ship internationally?

Yes, the company does provide this service. They have clients all over and need to cater to them as well. Keep in mind, a package may occur tariffs or duties throughout the shipping process and the company will not take responsibility.

Does The House of Bundles accept returns/refunds?

Yes, the company does offer both, but all are accepted case by case. There is a long list of requirements in order to qualify for these services. Contacting the company in at least 3 days of delivery and manipulating the hair little to not at all would be your best option. 

Does The House of Bundles offer same day shipping?

Yes, the company does offer this service. Keep in mind this means your order will be shipped the same day it’s ordered, not necessarily delivered. In order to qualify for this, your order must be placed before 4pm EST and have no customizations.

Do we recommend it? 

If you aren’t planning on getting a unit that is customised, The House of Bundles provides some quality hair. If you want something not so basic, I’d recommend going somewhere else. 

The company itself was helpful but the prices were already expensive and you could easily rack up an additional $200 in customizations. I also feel like the price paid doesn’t call for the basic packaging that was received.


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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