40 Two Braids Hairstyles With Weave

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Have you ever wanted to try braids with weaves? The two-braid styles are a great way to combine cute braids with weaves or hair extensions. It is simple and relatively quick to achieve and there are so many different ways to pull it off. We explore 40 of the trendiest two-braid hairstyles below.

Two Braids with Weave Styles

As the name suggests, the two-braid hairstyle consists of two braids braided straight back on the sides of your head. There is a little variation to the style itself, although you can add designs, hair jewelry, or different braiding patterns. 

The braids can be either large to small, with or without baby hair, with loose or braided hair. 

1. Large

The large two braids braided around the sides of the head are becoming the most common way to wear this hairstyle. It allows the braid to be more visual than the straight-back two braids that are prevalent. This look can be enhanced by weaving in hair extensions to make the braids bigger or longer.

Source: @tossedtresses

2. Curly 

Switching up the two braids style is easy if you want the curly style to be one of your go-to styles. Adding a part braid in the middle gives a slight change of look. But, transferring from braids to loose curly hair is a cute way to switch it up. The way to achieve the curly look is to plait a curly weave into the top of your hair and leave the curly ends of the weave out. You can also dye the ends of the curly hair to achieve a multi-colored look.

Source: @braidsbyree_

3. Pop of Color

I love the idea of adding colors to this style mainly because it looks unique and amazing! There are two main ways to add color to this style. One way is to simply dye the end of the plaits in an alternative color. The other way to add color is to buy hair extensions that are a different color to your own. When you plait the colored hair into your own hair, it will stand out and make the color pop!

Source: @hairbypatrick

4. Combined Into One

This was a newer look to me. I hadn’t seen anyone combine both braids into one. I like it and it is a really cute way to wear this style. So instead of creating two separate braids, you essentially create two half braids that combine into one at the back. If your hair is naturally short, you can also plait or weave hair extensions into the plait to make it chunkier! Another way to customize this look is to add a pattern at the back.

Source: @pretty.trxndzz

5.  Small Braids

If the larger braids are not for you, you can create small braids instead. I also like small details like using a rubber band to secure the tips near the end of the plait. The style consists of very small plaits at the side of the head that gradually get chunkier towards the end.

6. Bun

One unique way to wear the two-braid hairstyle is to create plaits at the sides of the head and tie them into a large bun at the end. The heart design is very popular in the hair industry at the moment. In the style pictured above, designing a broken heart instead of a regular heart is very distinctive. 

7. Curved

Instead of starting both braids at the forehead, a new look can be created by curving the braid at the front of the head. It’s still the two-braid style, but with a twist and partial halo look on that side.

8.  Smaller Side Braids

Another way to diversify this style is by adding smaller side braids underneath the main two braids. The two small braids added on each side are cute and simple.

9. Stitch Braids

Creating a dramatic stitch braid look is a good way to give this style a different look. The style consists of creating a series of smaller stitch braids along the side of the head.

Source: @hamdworkbytj

10. Wavy Ponytails

Small braid designs are one of the best things I have seen about this style. These styles can be very individualized and be more than just two braids. To create this look, you can plait in wavy braids between the two chunkier plaits at the side of the head.

Source: @shay.styles__

11. Small Wavy Braid Designs

Small braid designs are one of the best things I have seen about this style. These styles can be very individualized and be more than just two braids. To create this look, you can plait in wavy braids between the two chunkier plaits at the side of the head.

Source: @growinghandsz

12.  Partial Halo Effect

Instead of regular braids, you can switch up the type of braids used for your two ponytails. This look is achieved by arranging the plait in a halo shape around the head. However, the look pictured is more of a partial halo look, because the plaits come down loosely at the end.

Source: @sabrina_cp

13. Part Design

The triangle created with smaller braids behind the side parting is a great idea. I like the new shapes, they add to this look. Even something small like the triangle parts create a unique style. You can create any design, and it can be either at the side of the head or in the middle, depending on where the parting is.

Source: @stylesbyambss

14. Smaller Braids

Another way to use smaller braids is to add a few at the parting and then use them as the ponytail holder. I like how different this one is with the two side braids going to the front to frame her face and the hair jewelry added as accents.

Source: @beautifiedbymari

15. Braided To The Side

This is a different take on the two-braid hairstyle. Curving the braids to fall to one side of the head is an excellent way to switch up this style. I love when styles are done differently like this. You can also add smaller plaits in the middle or to the side.

16. Tied Together

This is similar to the style we mentioned above, with the two braids combined into one. To make this style look slightly different and extra funky, consider tying thin colored hair strands around the combined plaits and add an additional plait in the middle. The gold hair string is usually found in the pack with other hair jewelry or sold in a roll by itself. You can also add patterns at the side or the back.

Source: @touchedby_quanna

17. Four Into Two

Why have two braids when you can have four? You can achieve an original look by plaiting 4 stitch braids in the front of your head and combining all of the plaits towards the back. This is an excellent change from the standard gelled-down look.

Source: @mo_uniquestyles

18. Two Braids on a Wig

You can add double braids to your wig also. I like this idea, especially if you have shorter hair and can’t get the two-braids look.

source: @epitomeofbeautyllc__

19.  Loose at The Back

If you want to be different, you could plait two braids at the front, and leave the hair loose at the back. These braids can be styled in various ways, like to the side or the back. It is a great way to try a new look. You can also add a unique twist to this look by weaving in some different colored hair at the back or adding a splash of color to the braids at the front. 

Source: @_stylesbygiftedhands_

20.  Heart Design

One great way to play with different designs is to combine the two plaits into a heart shape at the back. Hearts in hairstyles is a very popular look these days.

Source: @domuniquestylez

Another way to wear the heart bun is to add color and use bigger plaits. The larger braids make the heart more prominent and more pronounced. I like adding color to the style. This electric blue heart bun is bold.

Source: @babydoll_the_g.o.a.t_br

21. Stitch X Braids

This two braids style uses stitch braids for design. It has two braids on the side also. But the big difference here is the parting choice for the back of the head. The parting creates a fantastic “X” look, with the two plaits going down to the sides.

Source: @justbraidsinfo

22. Double Goddess Braids

Instead of the regular braids, why not do two jumbo goddess braids? These two braids give a halo look from the sides. This is a beautiful way to wear the two braids.

Source: @tangela__crawford

23. Triangular Side Braids

I believe adding more braids makes this style last longer because there is less surface area to keep gelled down. The smaller braids in the middle veer off to the side in a kind of triangle shape.

Source: @hair_by_romika

24. Double Braid Sets

This style creates a stunning look by plaiting smaller sets of braids on either side of one of the two jumbo plaits. You can choose to combine the two jumbo plaits at the back or keep them loose as two separate braids.

Source: @malikapalmerhair

25. Braided Designs

This look is achieved by creating two large braids at the sides, a middle parting braid, and smaller braids along the sides. Adding the smaller braids really makes the style stand out. You can also add a splash of color to the two side braids.


26. Curly Ends

Long waist-length braids with a short puff of curls at the end are an excellent way to wear the two braids style. These are also different from the ends left loose and curly. You can also experiment with adding different colors to the plaits.

Source: @handworkbytj

27. Straight Back

Braiding the two braids straight back is another classic way to wear the two-braid hairstyle. But instead of a simple straight-back look, this style has a large stitch braid pattern to make it stand out. I often don’t see the large stitch, but I think it looks great, especially with larger braids. 

28. Goddess With Loose Strands

Goddess braids are great for the two braids look. I love how curly strands were incorporated into these goddess braids. It adds texture and depth to this style. You can also make it more distinctive by adding hair jewelry to the plaits.

Source: @hairbychrissyt

29. With Curls

Smaller goddess braids are adorable with long, loose curly strands. Adding color to this look also adds a new creative element to this style.

Source: @hairbychrissyyt

30. Gelled Baby Hairs

Don’t be afraid to go bold and gel down some of the smaller baby hairs at the side of your head to make this look stand out. This look works particularly well with soft and long baby hairs

Source: @hairbychrissyyt

31. Braids With Curls

This style really puts the wow factor in this look. You can make this hairstyle extra special by braiding two jumbo plaits at the side, creating a mass of smaller plaits in the middle, and finishing it off with a bunch of curls at the bottom. This would be a great style for women with natural hair who may not want to do the gel look.

Source: @braidsby_veronica

32. Multi-Colored Braids

Colorful looks make any style more playful and fun. These colors go together well in these braids, even with black hair. I think this would look great with rainbow colors. You could also try experimenting with alternating the colors of the plaits. 

Source: @star_braidzz

33. Knotted Side Buns

This is an amazing two-braid style. These large, chunky knots at either side look perfect when paired with these large braids.

Source: @justbraidsinfo

34. Curvy Designs

These braids are intricate and stunning. I love the look of this design. These two braids are just the sideshow in this complex style. It is achieved by braiding smaller plaits and partings in a circular shape between the two jumbo braids. 

Source: @head2toemag

35. Small Braided Hearts

I love the complicated designs incorporated into this simple style. The way to add to this style is by creating smaller plaits into a heart shape between two jumbo braids at the back. 

Source: @braids_by_danni

36. Criss-Crossed Braids

Another twist to the two braid styles is a simple overlap of the braids in the back. This is not a big difference but gives the style a different look. This is a great way to switch it up if you want a simple change from hanging braids. 

Source: @crissie_beauty_bar

37. Body Wave Ponytails

A great way to wear the two braids is with the two jumbo plaits at the back. This is a good style if you do not like dealing with the extra volume curls and you want something a little easier to maintain. 

Source: @allure_diorplush

38. Butterfly Braid

This large braid looks like the only braid from the side. But, on the other side, there is a smaller braid that wraps around and is combined into the jumbo side hanging braid. This is a different two-braid style where one braid is so much larger than the other. Integrate a splash of color to make this look stand out. 

Source: @justbraidsinfo

39. Front Design

Most designs in the two braid styles are in the back or center of the head. This heart design is made with two smaller plaits on the front of the heart. I like how clean this design came out in this style.

Source: @braids_by_danni

40. Hair Jewelry

Incorporating hair strings is done in many ways. But adding it to the base and throughout the braid makes this style different. You can also create curls or waves at the side of each braid to create a more striking look.

Source: @braids_by_danni

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for something quick and simple but still cute, a variation of the two-braid hairstyles may work for you. Have you ever considered wearing your braids this way? If so, how did you make them last?

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