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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As a licensed cosmetologist I’ve worked with a lot of hair additives. Making people feel beautiful is what I love to do.

This being said, how do you know the best hair product to invest your money in? Whether buying a hair piece as a stylist or consumer, you need to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your money.

In this article I will be reviewing a pre-plucked lace closure wig from UNice hair. It’s human hair and the texture is in a body wave.


UNice hair was founded in 1999 by their CEO, Mr. Hua. The company was established in a province in China and has grown to its global position through lots of research and development. UNice focuses on you and a natural look, that’s how its name came about.

The E-commerce store seemed a little overwhelming at first. They advertise a variety of sales and promotions when you first access the landing page. Once you overcome this and understand how the store is broken down, it’s easier to navigate and enjoy shopping.

I was most interested in exploring their lace front wigs. Although this is a big selling point for the company, it’s not all they are known for. UNice has frontals, closures, and a variety of recommended hair pieces for different occasions.

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Customer support provided by UNice was one of the company’s specialties. Although I didn’t get a total walkthrough like other customers had mentioned, if I had a question it was promptly answered. They have multiple different avenues of communication and answer relatively fast, in my case, just seconds.

I was highly satisfied with the delivery of the wig that was purchased. It took a total of 3 days lining up perfectly with the expected arrival time. Depending on where you are located and if you don’t live near a warehouse it may take longer, taking this into consideration if you’re in a time crunch.

Majority of the reviews for UNice hair were extremely positive, it was hard to find one where a customer wasn’t satisfied. This is an extremely encouraging thing to see when looking for a reputable company. Ensure to do your own research before you purchase a desired product.

What I Like

  • Payment methods – UNice offers not only instalment plans but also accepts a variety of payments.
  • Physical store – UNice has 4 physical stores, if you’re in the area you can evaluate the hair before a purchase.
  • Promotions – There is always a way to save some extra money or receive an additional gift.

What I Don’t Like

  • Gift – The free gift given with orders over $50 isn’t very practical.
  • Fraying – There were a good amount of frayed hairs near the top of the wigs.
  • Layout of site – The store has a lot of deals and promotions flashing, it’s difficult to know where to look.

Hair quality

It’s important to note the product came with a free gift, but I didn’t find it very practical. It came with lashes, a necklace, wig cap, and an extra elastic band. It would have been nice to receive something like an edge brush.

Hair strand

As you ran your fingers through the hair you could immediately feel the soft texture of the strands. Good quality hair should feel pretty smooth to the touch without any bumps or divites along the way. Soft bouncy hair is desired because it’s easier to style and looks more natural.

Another positive to the hair was the texture. The big “S” shaped body wave provided the perfect bounce. As you brushed the hair out, the unit kept the texture by bouncing right back to the original shape instead of falling flat. This provides less work for the user when styling the hair.

By running your fingers through the hair or brushing the product you can easily tell whether the unit will shed a lot. When I did this little to no strands fell out leading to the conclusion the unit will have minimal shedding. This will increase the overall longevity of the wig since less hair will be falling out. 

The color was consistent throughout the entire hair strand, there weren’t too many undertones. The strands had a healthy amount of shine. Oftentimes wigs can look too shiny which give off a synthetic look. On the other hand wigs that aren’t shiny enough can have strands that appear to look unhealthy. Finding the perfect balance can definitely be difficult. 


The lace closure blended very well and that’s thanks to the pre-plucking of the unit. The knots were a good size and not too dark, easily customizable. This is often the biggest downfall with wigs so the fact that the hairline needs little to no work is a big plus.

The closure is 5×5 in size and comes to a slight rounded shape as it reaches the top of the head. This gives you a great amount of space to work with when styling. There was also lace attached to the base of the wig on the back hairline. This can be used if you want to wear your hair in an updo.


The hair was purchased in 180% density and 16’’ in length. 180% density hair is known to be exceptionally thick and avoided with shorter lengths in hair.

With this in mind, I didn’t feel as though the hair was too thick. The balance between the length and density were perfect and I believe the hair could have been even thicker if they offered that availability. For this price point I would have expected them to offer at least 2 more density options, one heavier and one lighter.

You can estimate the density by holding all the hair in one hand, like you’re going to form a ponytail. If you are able to hold all the strands together this generally means the density is balanced with the length.

If the hair was purchased in a longer length the balance in density may be off, the hair may even start to seem thin. The wig mimicked natural hair density so if you want something really thick, this may not be the right product for you. 


My one concern with the hair was the frayed strands at the base of the wig. As the hair was laying down you could see some of the strands were noticeably shorter. This was especially prominent near the crown of the head, right past the closure.

For the wefts that wrapped around the side of the unit, they seemed thick enough to cover the cap. As seen in the picture there are four main wefts sewn to cover the cap, I believe additional wefts could have been installed in between each to close the gap.

There were a few places where the sewing was not perfectly straight, but it didn’t affect the look of the wig. Once again for the price, I’d expect less of these minor mishaps. The company could have easily installed checks for final production but once again I don’t believe the stitching on the cap is enough to complain.

Cap Size

The cap was stretchy and breathable. This makes it ideal for anyone who lives in a hot climate or doesn’t like the feeling of something on their head. The stretchiness also aids in conforming to the head making the unit lay as flat as possible, resulting in a natural look. 

The cap also had added customizations which proves to be helpful when sizing. There are clips and elastic around the entire perimeter of the head. The added elastic is perfect for adjusting to one’s head. The wig could easily fit multiple different sizes of heads and be customized to expand or get smaller. 

Store Experience 

The UNice official website has a lot going on.They’re advertising and flashing so many products it’s difficult to know where to look. Once you get an understanding of how it’s broken down via collections and even further, it’s easier to navigate,

There are three main collections and each collection is further categorized into texture and type. The hair we have tried out is from the Bettyou series.

While there are many things grabbing your attention, the landing page clearly highlights any current sales. This is a great way as a consumer to save some money.

The store also provides an app to shop their products. By downloading this app you receive an additional discount on your purchase.

Range of Products

The company is most sought after for their lace front wigs but has a wide range of products. Bundle sets, closures, and frontals are also among some of the well rated products.

Each hair piece comes in a variety of different hair textures and colors. Some series of hair even offer for the hair to be pre-styled and you are able to choose the density.

Shopping by looks or moments is another option available from the company. This allows you to shop for a style under a recommended style. Whether you’re preparing a look for work, a wedding, or your birthday UNice has got you covered.

Customer Support 

The customer service part of the company was pretty helpful. Many customers have highlighted they received constant communication throughout their entire process of the order being fulfilled. 

Although I didn’t receive this, I did ask a question on their chat box and the response was immediate. This can be helpful for anyone who has a question that can’t find an answer on the site.

The company also has an email dedicated to customer service along with two Whatsapp numbers. The company has stated they have a customer support team operating 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

UNice is on a mission to achieve total satisfaction for their customers.

Delivery Time

UNice hair proved to be very effective with shipping. I received the order in just 3 days. This is right on track with what the company advertises.

Orders carried out by USPS generally take 3-5 days and 1-3 days if done with express shipping. DHL and other shipping companies claim to take a little longer, up to a 10day delay.

Considering we are in a pandemic I’d say both are pretty good shipping estimates. The package arrived in tack and all the products undamaged.

Shipments made from the US come from the company’s warehouse in California. The shipping is free unless you decide to go with express which is an additional $20.

International orders are shipped from the warehouse in China. Shipping is also free and the services used are DHL, UPS, and TNT.

What Others are Saying

This valued customer highlights the fast delivery times and the free gifts provided. Their customer service was another aspect this customer of two years found intriguing. The quality of the hair proved to be the finishing touch of a great service provided by UNice hair.

This customer looks to have bought the same product as we are reviewing. Once again the outstanding communication was commended along with the swift delivery times. This first time customer seems to be satisfied and willing to shop with them again.


Is UNice a hair vendor?

UNice is a professional wholesale hair supplier of 100% virgin human hair. By shopping with them you get a competitive wholesale rate, expedited shipping, and bulk order discounts. UNice has their own factories and over 20 years of experience along with 4 physical stores.

Is UNice hair real?

Yes, Unice hair is a legitimate company that uses 100% real human hair. The company is one of the industry leaders in providing virgin hair. Their hair is known to be double stitched wefts which results in producing the most high quality product all 100% real.

Is UNice hair from China?

Yes, this company is known to be one of the most premier quality brands in all of China. The company works to ensure all of the products are ethically sourced. They ensure the hair is treated in a delicate way from each shelf to the desired head.

Do We Recommend UNice? 

Yes! UNice is a very reputable company and this alone is a great reason to shop with them. They have a high standard to live up to and seem focused on providing a good experience for the customer.

While there are minor inconveniences with the site, it doesn’t affect the overall quality of the hair. The hair is affordable and a great go to option for someone who is expecting a reliable hair piece. 

Paired with excellent customer service and speedy delivery times UNice is a great option whether you’re a beginner or not.  


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