50 Weave Hairstyles With Bangs 2021

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Last Updated: January 26, 2022

Transforming your face could be easy.  You could also change your entire look. 

50 Weave Hairstyles With Bangs

Getting bangs is a great idea. If you’re looking for something new or just wanting to switch it up. Bangs is a good way to transform an old wig or your entire look. 

Bangs are great at centering a focal point or attention area if done right. They are not meant to hide your face or your eyes. Unless that’s your plan. They can hide larger forward or shade larger eyes. They are good for those types of things. They also can help frame your face to accentuate or transform the look of shape.  There are many bang styles, so why try them out with weave.


Source: @hairriloves

These curved choppy bangs look fantastic with the high ponytail. The bangs fit her face shape perfectly with the longer sides. Leaving the two long strands of hair out was also a great decision for this style.

2. Wavy

Source: @tieramusic

The big waves are gorgeous for weaves and wigs. The slightly wavy bangs go great with this look. It would also look great if the bangs were straight. 

3. Full Choppy

Source: @alluringhands_

Choppy bangs have uneven ends and they are cut to be that way. These bangs go great in any style. It looks great in the vibrant blue of this style.

4. Swooped 

Source: @dailydoseof hair

Swoops are great for making faux bangs. Though they would always be flat they look great with long straight styles. Though they can be versatile you can add a swoop to any style for a quick bang like look. 

  1. Long Side

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Another way to make a faux bang is by putting your hair up and leaving a part out. The side bang look is awesome. It is one of my favorite ways to do bangs. This goes great with up styles.

6. Curtain

Source: @alluringshands_50 Weave Hairstyles With Bangs

Curtain bangs are done several different ways. You can leave thick or thinner strips of hair out on both sides of the face. I like this look with the high ponytail that falls on both sides of the face.

7. Lifted

Source: @dailydoseofhair

This hot pink ponytail is very fun. I love the lifted bangs; it makes it very whimsical. The lifted bangs are normally done in classic formal styles. But this look shows it would be great for a fun casual look. 

8. Curled

Source: @glammedbytracey

The curled bangs are gorgeous. This is a romantic look. The wand curls look great and it was a smart idea to curl the bangs also. When curling bangs it is best to leave your bangs slightly longer if you want to curl them because you will lose length once you curl them. 

9. Fringe 

Source: @arrogant_tae123

This is a cute mixed style bang. The short fringe bangs lead to the longer side strands which look amazing. I like this style in a high bun. But I believe it would be just as pretty if left down. 

10. Full Bangs

Source: @pearls_hairstyles

Full bangs are a classic look. So why not take this classic style and mix it with a modern look. The crimps are beautiful with bangs. I don’t know if the crimps were not started from the scalp on purpose or not, but the top straight part goes well with the bangs. 

11. Curtain 

Source: @dailydoseofhair

These Curtain bangs are layered and frame the face well. The angle of the layers give the pieces of bang a nice bumped look. 

12. Long Curled 

Source: @nepthys_thegoddess

The long curled bang is cute with this long half up style. I like faux bangs which are just pieces of hair left out of the style. This faux bang is created from having layers. 

13. Large Side Bang

Source: @certified_stylez_

This is another side bang look. This bang is slightly curled to go with the curled ponytail. I like the overall look of this style. The larger side bang looks good.  

14. Angled Bang

Source: @@dailydoseofhair

Angled bangs are an individualized style. When choosing bangs for a swerve you will be wearing consistently it is good to consider what styles would look great. These bangs look great with layered styles. 

15. Centered

Source: @laceassassin

This centered bang is very cute with the half up crimped style. Keeping the bangs smaller and not across the whole front gives this a cutesy shaded eye look. 

16. Choppy Bang Ponytail

Source: @laceassassin

These long choppy bangs look great in this half-up style. Keeping this style simple was a great choice. The slight curls and waves to this style look amazing with the bangs.

17. Swoop

Source: @laceassassin

Adding a swoop to the style adds a great texture change. I love the dark blue color with the flipped ends in this hairstyle. The swoop ties this look together.

18. Split Color

Source: @arrogant_tae123

Split color bangs are very bold and fun. You can do these two colored bangs with the half and half look like this. Or you could just have color in the bangs to create a unique look.

19. Classic

Source: @arrogant_tae123

I like the classic lifted and rolled bangs. This style looks great for formal occasions. This bang continues to the side of the head and is curled into a pin curl. 

20. Long Curtain 

Source: @arrogant_tae123

The long curtain bangs are fantastic. I love the haphazard look of this style. This is a great casual day look. The bangs do not have to be curled and it would still look great. 

21. Blunt 

Source: @myfirstwig

Blunt cut bangs are very common. These bangs look fantastic in a long straight look. But they also look good with top knots and low ponytails.

22. Short Ponytail

Source: @simply.cie

Short bangs are not for everybody. It is a hard style to pull off. These look great in this wavy style with her face shape. It is always great to consider your face shape and facial features when looking into doing bangs. Short bangs also look good with longer straight styles.

23. Afro

Source: @curlscurlsofficial

I never considered this natural style as a bang style. But it can be considered bangs because of the way the hair is styled over the forehead. This afro wig is perfectly styled with the fringe style afro bangs. 

24. Full Bang

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Full bangs can go with any style but not all styles. Some styles with bangs seem to be out of place. So when doing quirky styles like these large bantu knots you are treading a thin line between fun and quirky and not needed. But I feel this style looks good with the bangs and would look just as good with soft baby hairs.

25. Large Curtain 

Source: @simone.sharice

This style is very soft and sophisticated. The large curtain bangs give this style and a soft innocent look. This would be a great look for the holidays, when you’re looking for a quick updo. 

26. Curly 

Source: @youngafricana

This style has a retro vibe, like I should call it foxy. I love this look with the ombre curls. These bangs have a great texture and shape. This is a pretty way to wear the curly bangs. 

27. Bang Bob

Source: @myfirstwig_com

Bobs look great with bangs. These blunt bangs were the perfect edition to this blunt cut bob. This style is very simple. It’s also the easiest wig you can have to throw on and go. 

28. Curled Strands

Source: @officialdominiquea

The small strands left out of this is a great way to enhance a style. The small pieces are more like mini curtain bangs. The curly pieces left out to go with the curly bun is a great styling choice and makes for a stunning look. 

29. Curly Fringe

Source: @tieramusic

Curly fringe bangs are unique and cute. I love these bangs with the long natural curls. I think they would be great with a natural puff or ponytail also. 

30. Long Thin Curtain

Source: @officialdominiquea

This half-up style looks great. The thin curtain bangs are not meant to overtake the style. These bangs draw the attention to the face and are a nice way to frame it.

31. Long Ponytail

Source: @officialdominiquea

These bangs with the bun are very cute. Though they would look better if they were curved to fit her face shape. Her face would benefit with the longer sides of curled bangs or cute curtains bangs. But this style does still look great on her. So even if you want to try bangs that others think don’t fit your face, doing it with weaves is the best way to try. 

32. Curly

Source: @niawigs

I love the full curls in this hairstyle. The bangs in curly styles are so pretty. I love the shape the curly style takes when bangs are added. These bangs and volume is a great fit for her face shape. 

33. Short 

Source: @hotbeautyhair

Short bangs go great with shorter styles. The thinner diamond shaped faces look fantastic with the short bangs. The curls just add more dimension and movement to these cute bangs. 

34. Curved

Source: @challxn

Curved bangs is another individualized style for bangs. The bangs are called curved because of the bumped curve and not the cut shape. This is a style you personally choose and know will look great on you.  

35. Wispy Blunt


The wispy look is not normally done with the blunt cut bangs. Blunt cut bangs are normally thick and full. In this style the wispy style goes great with the blunt cut and long straight hair.  

36. Color

Source: @hairriloves

The colorful curved fringe bangs look amazing. This is an edgy look. I love the peek-a-boo blue showing under the hair but also popping fully out in the bangs. This is a great use of color in bangs and shows doing bold colorful bangs can work. 

37. Ombre

Source: @dailydoseofhair

This is another great way to add color to bangs. This ombre look with the matching bangs looks good. Keeping the bangs in tone with the hair is perfect. 

38. Full Bangs

Source: @kendrasboutique

This is a cute full bang style. The blonde bangs look great in this ombre style. This is another option when doing ombre, leaving the bangs one color rather than including them in the ombre style. Either way looks good, it would be a personal choice of which one you like more.  

39. Long Curtain Bangs

Source: @juanita_steeples

Large curtain bangs go good with any style. I love them with this long straight ponytail. These would look great curled also. You can’t go wrong with curtain bangs they are very versatile.  

40. Short Banged Bob

Source: @juanita_steeples

These fringe bangs go great with the short bang. It is a great switch up from the more common full bangs that are normally done with short bobs. I like that these bangs are choppy and not precise; it adds a nice character to the style. 

41. Twisted Front

Source: @hergivenhair

Bangs and a high puff was a go to style with my natural hair before I cut it. This wig looks like a wash and go. The curved bangs look great in this style. My bangs were normally just curtain or side bangs. So these curtain bangs look great in this style. 

42. Wispy Curved

Source: @iam_jonathan_

This is a cute style. But the bangs do not go well with her face shape. I love the different textures of the straight wispy bangs and the crinkled ponytail. But she would have looked better with curtain bangs.

43. Blunt Cut

Source: @hairbykele

These bangs are cute. These are cute faux bangs. They were made from leaving hair out of knots and letting it fall forward in the face. It is a smart way to create bangs without cutting your wig or weave. 

44. Ombre

Source: @jpshairfashion

This is a very unique way to do leave out. But I like the idea. The bangs were created by a ponytail leave-out and it looks good. I think it should have been left straight because the transition from straight to curls is slightly jarring.   

45. Fringe

Source: @iam_jonathan_

These curved fringe bangs look amazing in this half-up style. The longer sides of the bangs are curled while the rest is left straight and it’s a cute contrast. These bangs compliment these double top knots greatly. 

46. Blunt 

Source: @heatherrose

Blunt bangs always go great with a long silky straight style. This is a common combination that still works. These bangs were not left full and was thinned out to give it a wispy look and that works great also.  

47. Curved Bob

Source: @jasmine.dior

These choppy bangs look good with this wavy bob. I like that they are straight and long. This is a good benefit of bangs; it gives the sultry mysterious look with any style. 

48. Swoop

Source: @kendrasboutique

I love the swoop with a long straight style. Adding a swoop bang is a great way to enhance a style. You can add a swoop with any style and it will look fantastic.

49. Full Bang Ponytail 

Source: @pearls_hairstyles

This high ponytail looks great with the wispy bangs. The bangs go great with the ponytail. Though leaving the longer sides out takes away from the look of the bangs. The overall style looks great.

50. High Ponytail 

Source: @hairbykele

This high blunt ponytail really benefited from the bumped bangs. I like that these bangs didn’t go across the entire front of the head for this style. It keeps the ponytail as the main focal point. 

Final Thoughts

I think bangs would look good on anyone. It is just the matter of finding what style works for you. Have you ever tried bangs? Would you try them again? 


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