55 Weave Hairstyles

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Have you been considering weaves but don’t know which style? Weaves can be very versatile, and there is something for everyone.

55 Weave Hairstyles

Weaves are beautiful. They are very versatile and are great protective styles. I love that there are so many ways to wear weaves. There’s a style out there for absolutely anyone. 

With weaves, there is a different way to wear the same styles or try a new one. They are also great for protecting your hair. You can throw on a wig, get a quick weave, or sew in to protect your hair. Here are 55 ideas to help you pick a new style or give you inspiration for different styling. 

1. Middle Part Color

Source: @roestylez

If you are looking for a cute simple style, try a weave with color. I really like the middle part style, especially with curls, and this color is gorgeous. You can do this with any weave style, such as a quick weave, sew-in, or wig. 

2. Wavy

Source: @topnotchtouch

This style is becoming more popular on frontals, with the twisted, braided, or rubber band front and the back left down. This look is very cute with baby hair and wavy hair.

3. Natural 

Source: @hairriloves

I love natural hair weaves and wigs. The hairstyles are so beautiful. Though the weaves may cost slightly more than other weaves, it is worth it. The hair is even cuter with color. 

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4. Half-up, Half-down

Source: @hairriloves

The half-up, half-down look is such a flexible and cute style. You can wear this style in so many ways with different colors, styling, and length. I love the straight, sleek look with the high ponytail and waist-length hair. 

5. Low Bun

Source: @hairriloves

Buns are a quick style to do when you have a ponytail weave or for by itself. This style is so cute. If you can’t do the sleek look or want it as a protective style, you can do it with a frontal or wig.        

6. Braided Wig

Source: @hairriloves

Braiding wigs have become more popular. This is a good style if you don’t want to commit to braiding your hair. It would be best to use high-quality lace and get a very close skin tone match to wear a style with this much lace exposed. 

7. Natural Pony

Source: @damnthatschev

I like volume, so doing a natural curly ponytail is fantastic for me. This is a beautiful style. You could also try this with a high ponytail as well.

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8. Colored Roots

Source: @dailydoseofhair

This style is gorgeous. Coloring the roots a bold color is a great way to wear a wig. I love the styling of the wig with curtain bangs look, and the movement just all goes well together.

9. Middle Part Crimps

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Waist-length weaves are dramatic. But they are also so cute when styled well. The crimps with the middle part are very pretty.

10. Classic Waves

Source: @kellonderyck

I love that we are keeping classic styles alive. These long waves are sophisticated and stunning. Keeping this style simple with minimum baby hairs is such a good look.

11. Layered Curls

Source: @jasmine.dior

I love a good fluffy curled style. This blonde looks amazing with the layers and big curls. The black roots are adorable and a great choice to give this style a more natural feel.

12. Messy Bun

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Buns are great quick styles. This messy high bun is very cute. The curled baby hairs were also an excellent complement to this look. I think soft baby hairs or longer baby hairs will also look great. 

13. Blunt Short Bob

Source: @dailydoseofhair

I love bobs. The blunt-cut bob is very popular because of how good it looks on everyone. This icy blue short bob is a great styling choice. The color looks good with the style.

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14. Colorful Middle Part

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Wearing colors is a great benefit of wearing weaves. Multi-colored weaves look great and allow you to go as wild as you want with color. I love ombre and reverse ombre looks. This reverse ombre is a great color choice. 

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15. Slicked Back

Source: @dailydoseofhair

A cute slicked-back pixie is an attractive style. This bold orange with the slick back is edgy. It has a bold and bright look.

16. Straight Layers

 Source: @dailydoseofhair

Long layered weaves are simplistic. This is a beautiful style, and the layers add movement to this straight look. I think this style would look great in color or feathered.

17. Layered Side Part


I love this style. The styling makes this wig look natural. Side parts are still a favorite of mine. I also like the movement layers add to a style.

18. Large Swoop

Source: @dailydoseofhair

The skunk stripe is a fun way to color a weave. The blonde makes this swoop look more dramatic. I like the layers and styling of this unit. It complements the vibrant colors.

19. Flipped Ponytail

Source: @dailydoseofhair

The flip styles are making a resurgence. I love this flipped ponytail. Layering the ponytail made this look fluffy. I like that this style has plenty of baby hairs in the front and back. With ponytails is ok to break up the monotony of just slicked-back styles with additions like this. 

20. Headband Curls

Source: @bodiedbykeira

Headband wigs are very popular right now. It is mainly because of the ease of styling. Being able to throw on a wig with no work is a timesaver. This is also great for those newer to weaves and who may want to try different styles like this natural hair. I believe curls are the best headband wigs to get because it is easier to do multiple styles with the volume, and they don’t look as thin as the flatter ones.

21. Colored Curls

Source: @bodiedbykeira

I adore all curls. This is beautiful styling and color. I love the texture of this style. When choosing a weave style, it is also very important to pick a good stylist as well.

22. Individual Braids

Source: @fatimathemua

Flat braids are not the only styles added to wigs nowadays. You can also get individual braids like these knotless braids. This style is very cute. 

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23. Double Ponytail

Source: @beatby.dee

Double ponytail is a fun style. These low braided ponytails are adorable. I like the ponytail styles. They are fast and inexpensive if you’re not doing it on a wig or with a frontal.

24. Skunk Patch Bob

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Everybody should have a good weave bob in their closet. This long layered bob is perfect. This is a great style for anybody.

25. Straight Half Up 

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Another way to do the half-up, half-down is with body wave weave. This style adds movement and body to this style that is missing in the straight style. Both ways are still excellent ways to wear this look.

26. Low Double Bun

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Double buns are a style that you can do with the low double ponytails to switch up the style. Or you can get these as the style. The buns are a nice casual style to wear for a cute everyday look.

27. Blonde Body Wave

Source: @dailydoseofhair

The body wave weaves have been around for a while. I love the movement of this weave. It is appealing to the eye. Finding the right shade of blonde is the key when looking for a blonde weave. This blonde shade was perfect for her and looks great in this style.

28. Fan Bun

Source: @dailydoseofhair

This bun style is elegant and would be perfect for a formal occasion. This sleek look puts a spin on the regular bun. I love the lifted bang.  

29. Colorful Frontal Braids

Source: @dailydoseofhair

I love the tribal braids on this wig. The pink makes this style pop. If you want colorful braids, this would be the perfect look for you.

30. Pink Body Wave

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Pink hair is so gorgeous. This style is flawless. I love the feathering on the waves. Also, the baby hair is not overdone with this color. 

31. Long Straight Highlights

Source: @glammedbytracey

Highlights are the perfect complement to a dark weave. I like blonde highlights especially because it goes with everything.

32. Platinum Blonde Crimps

Source: @glammedbytracey

Longer weaves do not hold styling like curls well, so they usually have to be straight. But crimps hold well on longer weaves and are cute. It would be a long process, but the outcome is worth it. 

33. Bantu Knots and Crimps

Source: @sliimstylezllc

Seeing people becoming more daring with weaves is amazing. These Bantu knots look great with the ombre colors. Crimping the back of the hair instead of leaving it straight was the perfect choice for this look.

34. Mint Waves

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Colorful wigs are pretty. When looking at weaves, don’t count out the bold colors like this mint green. Trying different colors is great when it is not permanent in weaves.

35. Kinky Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

Source: @ilesebeautee

I like that weaves come in all curl patterns. This kinky half-up, half-down is perfect for you if you are more comfortable wearing weaves like our natural curl patterns.

36. Afro Curls

Source: @manifestbydestiny

Doing an afro curl wig is a great idea. Most people do not consider natural weaves when looking for a weave. The color and styling of this wig are natural-looking cute.

37. Big Curls

Source: @quiesha.jay

This is a cute natural-looking wig. I love the luscious curls and volume of this wig. I also like the bangs. This wig is shaped nicely. 

38. Curled Kinky Straight

Source: @quiesha.jay55 Weave Hairstyles

The kinky straight hair is beautiful. I love the kinky straight hair cause when straightening and curling. You; you get more texture and volume. If you do not like full hair and hair that needs. If you do not like hair that needs more styling, kinky straight would not be a good choice.

39. Straight Headband

Source: @_silvermonique

This straight headband is fantastic. I like body wave hair. Headband wigs are great easy protective styles. You can also get this wig in color or shorter. These wigs also tend to be cheaper than full wigs.

40. Colored Natural Curls

Source: @thekeyisme

Wearing color is also an option with natural wigs. This red is a great look for these curls. But, you don’t have to be limited to regular colors. You can try blue or purple also. You should go bold with colors on weaves and not stick to normal colors all the time.

41. Kinky Headband Wig

Source: @sitholenatlie

The textured headband wigs are my favorite. I like this kinky look because it is so full and offers the chance to wear a natural hair texture. This also is an effortless style to do yourself.

42. Natural Ponytail

Source: @knotsncurls

A natural ponytail is an excellent way to wear ponytails if you don’t like the sleek look. This is a drawstring ponytail which is definitely worth it for a quick style choice. This is a great do-it-yourself ponytail.

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43. Long and Wavey

Source: @theesudani

Long layered wavy hair is an attractive choice for a long weave. I like the headband addition to this weave. It is always good to accessorize.

44. Short Curls

Source: @nepthys_thegoddess

This short curly look is pretty. I like the messy look of the curls. Short styles are always worth a try when wearing weaves. There is not a significant risk like cutting your hair and not liking the outcome.

45. Shaved Side

Source: @Ivshaa

The shaved side look is a style that is not generally done on wigs but is more common with quick weaves. I like this look, especially if you like trying short styles without cutting your hair.

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46. Slicked Back Bob

Source: @kendrasboutique

Slicked-back styles are a cute way to wear a bob. I like this look for a switch up from the usual bobs. It looks good for a night out.

47. Waist Length Ponytail

Source: @kendrasboutique

Ponytails are an easy style. I like the ponytail styles because they are easy and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. This waist-length ponytail is a dramatic way to wear the pony but is still cute.

48. Double Curly Ponytails

Source: @yungbabytate

High double ponytails are a fun style. I like the curly ponytails with the swoop. This style can also be done with straight hair or braiding the ponytails.

49. Braided Front 

Source: @egirlstylez_

The braided front style is one of the trendy styles at the moment. I like how this style has a skunk stripe that adds a pop of color to the style. The braid pattern is also unique and is a great way to add personality to this style.

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50. High Bun

Source: @egirlstylez_

A high bun is a simple style you can get. It is also a style you can do if you already have a ponytail. The baby hairs are an excellent addition to this style because it is so simple. Doing a curtain bang would also look great with this.

51. Short Natural Bob

Source: @pinkvalenciaga_

Shaping natural wigs are essential to the overall look of the wig. This short style is stunning, The curls are juicy, and the shape is fantastic.

52. Blunt Cut Bob

 Source: @pearls_hairstyles

This blunt asymmetrical bob is styled magnificently. This is a go-to weave style for a lot of people. If you do not try any other weave style, a blunt-cut bob is one you should.

53. Knee Length Tresses

Source: @_ohsoyoujade

This bone-straight knee-length weave is bold—the fiery red sets off this look. When wearing weaves, you can be fearless and try whatever you like and lengths you may not be.

54. Kinky Straight

Source: @pinkvalenciaga_

Doing a kinky straight weave looks more like a silk press than a bone straight weave. I like the added volume that comes with the kinky straight hair. It looks fuller and more natural. Both textures are lovely.

55. Half up, Half Down Kinky 

Source: @pinkvalenciaga_

The blown-out look is gorgeous. The bun gives this a more sophisticated look than a large ponytail would. The volume of the hair makes this style shine. 

Final Thoughts

Weaves are versatile, and they range from curly to straight. Weave techniques have also come a long way. Have you thought about getting a weave style? Which styles would you try?


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