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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Ponytails are a great way to change up your look. They are also versatile. Take a look at this list of ponytails to inspire you for your next style. 

50 Weave Ponytail Hairstyles

Growing up, I remember wearing the drawstrings ponytails frequently. It was a quick and easy way to switch up my hairstyle from the roller wrap I always got when permed. But, I strayed away from this style after going natural, especially since I could never get the sleek look that goes with most pony styles.

Frontals and natural hair weaves have opened up a new world of ponytail styles. Now there are so many ways to add versatility to a simple ponytail. There is still the sleek look with just a weave ponytail, and there are weaves that you can get that look like natural hair, and frontals and wigs are great for ponytails also. 

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1. Double Ponytail

This double ponytail style is so cute. It is not a style you would typically pick as an adult but nowadays, it is acceptable. I like this simple style, especially on casual days. 

2. Braided Low Knots 

I think this is such a unique style. The four stitch braids on the scalp make an excellent base for the two ponytails rolled into buns at the back of the head. The mixture of textures is also a fashionable look with the loose weave wrapped with the braid.

3. Blue Small Top Knot

Putting frontals into ponytails is a new norm that I am here for. It’s great for people whose hair may not be long enough for a ponytail with just a weave. It’s also suitable for people who are bad like me with getting their hair to act for a ponytail. This small ponytail twisted into a top knot is cute and a great way to jazz up a regular ponytail after a few days of having the style. 

4. High Curly 

I love the look of stitch braids. Braids are also a good choice to make a ponytail style that lasts a little longer than just gel. The half-up, half-down look is such a versatile look. These curls look great with the braids in this one.

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5. Fluffy Flipped Pony

Source: @egirlstylez_

This would look great if you still want to go simple with your hair feeling down and just putting on a weave ponytail. This layered multi-flip is unique; most people only flip the bottom few layers of the ponytail. I am big on movement and volume, so I love how the flips add more to an everyday ponytail.

6. High Straight Ponytail

The sleeked-down long ponytail is gorgeous. And naturally still a go-to for a lot of people. The good thing nowadays is this same style can be done with a frontal weave and look great. Also, a waist-length ponytail is so bold.

7. Highlighted with Bangs

Source: @innerg_

I like that more people are getting into versifying their wig looks. This highlighted wig is cute in a ponytail with a bang on the side. Wigs are also a great way to experiment with color ponytails. 

8. Large Afro Puff

I consider natural hair puffs ponytails. This large afro puff done with crochet hair is beautiful and looks so natural. You can go as big as you want with this hairstyle.

9. High Natural Puff

This looks like a natural high puff, but it is a headband wig styled into a high puff. Headband wigs are great for giving your hair a break in between styles. I love wearing my natural high puff but it can cause breakage when done too frequently, so this is a great alternative. 

10. Small Pony with Twist

The rolled rubber bands into the bobbled ponytail are something I remember wearing as a child. I hadn’t thought of wearing it as an adult until I saw this style. This is so fun and cute. 

11. Mini Double Ponys

I love this playful look. This is another wig styled with ponytails and long bangs. The two small ponytails are a good look with this color blue. 

12. High Ponytail With Bangs

Source: @901hairgod

Even if you have bangs, you can wear a ponytail look without wrestling to keep your shorter strands in or getting braids at the front, which is also an option. These arched bangs with the high, wavy ponytail look good. 

13. Side Hanging 

Source: @rhondawhite

The side ponytail. Another way to wear a ponytail with your frontal is to pull up your curls and pin them to fall to one side. This would be a great updo for a formal look. 

14. Curled With Layers

Source: _dessslayy

I am a believer in curl supremacy. These curls in this style are one of my favorites. From the length to the styling, this hairstyle comes together perfectly.

15. Top Knot With Curtain Bangs

I love the long side bangs in this look. A few weave clip-ins could work to give the bangs length if your hair is not long enough. Styling a high ponytail into a knotted bun is an attractive and easy option. 

16. Low Fan Bun

Another formal look is this low ponytail styled into a fan bun. This is not an effortless style but is gorgeous and can be worn for special occasions. Styling this with some cute bangs would look great. 

17. Messy Curly Bun

Source: @imaslayyobae

A messy bun look is also an option. I would always go for a messy bun when I had a long sew-in or straightened hair that needed redoing. It is an effortless look that everyone can pull off, especially with curls. 

18. Fluffy Pony

Source: @hairbyanaiss

This sleek high ponytail has a lot of movement and volume. I think the higher short ponytails have easier maintenance than the longer ones. Versatility is a little limited with the shorter ponytail, but it’s still worth wearing.        

19. Low Bubble Pony

This is a twist to the bubble ponytail style. This double ponytail style adds more shape to each section. I like the look color brings to bubble ponytails.

20. Fishtail 

 Source: @_naijahhh

The fishtail ponytail looks complicated but charming. I have always wanted to try this ponytail. I think it would also look fantastic with color. 

21. Double Bow 

Source: @_naijahhh

Bow ponytails are a good playful idea. The double buns look good in this vibrant pink. This would stand out in any crowd.

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22. Natural Bubble 

This bubble ponytail done with kinky hair is something I wish I knew about a few years ago. With natural hair, the sleek look is not an option. The waves you get when trying to gel down your hair stands out and make a straight ponytail look weird, so this is a good option.

23. Braided Braid 

Source: @_naijahhh

The double braid is a new ponytail style to me. It consists of several braids braided to make this unique look. If you’re looking for something new, this is a good idea and it’s stunning.

24. Low Bubble Ponytail

Source: _naijahhh

A silky slicked-back bubble ponytail. This is a regular look for the bubble ponytail. I like the dimensions the bubble ponytail has. It’s also something you can do if you already have a ponytail to switch up the style. You just need rubber bands. 

25. Short Top Pony

Source: @jsamaiye

Even if you have layers, it is still ok to do a ponytail. This middle part with the short ponytail is nice. I like the look on this unit. The ponytail looks fluffy and cute.

26. Low Natural Ponytail

Source: @asil_fro

Another option for naturals is this braided low ponytail look. Natural human hair weaves have evolved. There are options to match every curl pattern now. I love this style. It looks so simple and matches her hair perfectly.

27. Natural half up half down

This ombre half up half down is a beautiful selection. You do not have to have natural hair to do the natural curl look. This silky straight slicked down works just as well.

28. Crimped with Bangs

I believe adding texture and movement to a style is never a bad idea. The straight wispy bangs mixed with the crimped ponytail is stylish and looks great. The lime green rounds out this style and makes it perfect.

29. High Natural Ponytail

The short natural ponytail with bang twist is a quick and easy style. The scrunchies are a good, and beads give this regular style and stylish look. 

30. Long Braided 

A regular braided or plaited ponytail is a simple style. You can do what you want with this style to make it fit you. Make it long, add in some hair jewelry, or add color. Nothing can take away from this style.

31. Double Bun

Source:  @jasminedyonna

The messy double buns are a favorite of mine. I am always a fan of leaving hair out to frame the face. This is a half-up, half-down style, but it would look just as good if it were just buns. 

32. Double Natural Curl 

Source: @beatby.dee

The two ponytail look is a youthful hairstyle. It’s not just for young people, but it gives off a youthful air. If you like texture and volume like me, this would be a great option for the double ponytail look.

33. Braids With Side Ponytail

A side ponytail is a good way to change it up if you’re used to low or high ponytails. Ponytails are such a simple and easy look. So adding designs to give it a personal touch is a good idea. 

34. Decorated High Ponytail 

A good way to add a personal flair to an everyday style is decoration. Using hairpins, clips, etc., pick something that feels like you and add it to the style. Right now my favorite is the gold jewelry pieces, I add it as much as I can. 

35. Kinky Straight 

The kinky straight ponytail is an excellent alternative to the silky straight look. With the kinky look, you get more volume. I like having a straight look every so often and find that the kinky straight hair looks a lot better with my natural hair than silky straight. 

36. Braided Back

A good spin to put on ponytail styles is braiding the back and sides instead of the front. This also a good idea if the sides and back of your hair is shorter than the front.  I think this would look great if she decided to put it in a bun

37. High Ponytail With Block Bangs

I am not a big fan of longer styles. They are too cumbersome for me. The shorter ponytail is cute and practical. The half and half hair with the lock bangs are bomb.

38. Half and Half Swooped

The high ponytail with a swoop is a classic. This look can be done in any way you like it, with curls or longer. I like the bone straight in this style, but crimps or a nice body wave will look good also. 

39. High Butterfly Ponytail

The butterfly ponytail is new to me. This is a great way to switch it up from the traditional braided ponytail. It would look great in a half-up look also. 

40. Pinned Ponytail 

Source: @blacchyna

I like seeing vintage styles mixed into modern hairstyles. The new take on the victory roll bang is impressive. The curly ponytail in the back with the vintage front is gorgeous with the lavender hair.  

41. Half Up Fish Tail

I like styles where you can get multiple looks without redoing the entire look. The half up and down look offers many options. This fishtail braid may be slightly complicated to do yourself, but it will refresh a style you’ve been wearing for a while.  

42. Blunt-Cut 


A blunt-cut high ponytail is a new look. I know most people don’t think of trimming and cutting a ponytail. But this blunt-cut look has a classy look.  

43. Low Double Braided

These two braided ponytails have a simple look. The baby hair and jewelry can bring out a simple style like this. You don’t have to do much to make this style work. 

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44. Volume Half Up Half Down 

Adding personal styling choices to a style is also an excellent way to individualize common styles. This fluffy half up, half-down look cute. But add in the hanging curled baby hairs, and you have a unique look. 

45. Creative Ponytail 

This is another good way to individualize a style. This is a good way for struggling braiders like myself to add flare. Rubber Bands have been a lifesaver on many occasions for me. 

46. Natural Pineapple With Bangs

This look of a natural ponytail with bangs is the cutest. You don’t see bangs with the natural ponytail often. I think bangs should be added more frequently with natural styles. 

47. Large Double Side Braid

Another braided ponytail look with a large combined braid. This style has two feed-in braids that meet at the head’s back and are connected and braided to the side. I like how large and detailed this ponytail is. Having this on the side also is a good choice and brings extra attention. 

48. Low Double Double Braid

These two ponytails are separated into two more ponytails and braided with the ends left free and curly. I like the overall look of this style. The curls on the ends and the baby hairs soften braid this style for me. 

49. Low Double Buns

This is a good idea. I never think of putting ponytails into buns unless they are in the way. But this double bun style is gorgeous. The zigzag part adds a nice little design to this style. 

50. Kinky Straight

Source: @laidbytima

I love the voluminous, blown-out look. The half-up, half-down can be styled  in many ways. If you want to add drama, go for the kinky curls and do this blown out to make it stand out. 

Final Take

There is a large number of styles to choose from when thinking of weave ponytails. Weave makes the ponytail look versatile by adding length, color, and texture. Have you tried any of these looks? Which look is your favorite?


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