Weaves vs Wigs – Which is Better?

Have you been contemplating whether or not to switch up your style recently? There are so many different ways that you can do this without doing anything to your natural hair.

Wigs and weaves are two great options, but which would be better for you?

We are going to break down the two today and hopefully it will give you some insight on which option will be better for you. Let’s get started!

What is the difference between a wig and a weave?


A wig is a full head covering, or hair piece, that is made with either synthetic or human hair. It’s often used to switch up your hairstyle or cover unwanted parts of your head that could be balding or less thick in areas.


A weave is a type of hair extension also known as a weft. Weave is attached onto your natural hair and then styled into a certain style. 

Wigs vs Weaves – Which is more suitable for you?

Your lifestyle has a big influence on the type of hair piece that would be more suitable for you. Let’s take a look at who should consider these specific products.

Who should choose wigs? 

If you are looking for something that is convenient and offers lots of freedom then wigs might be a good choice for you. 

Whether you want a more professional look or something more colorful, wigs are a great option for you. Wigs make it quick and easy to juggle events in your daily life without worrying too much about your hair.

Wigs are also a great option for anyone who has health related hair loss, they can be a great confidence boost for many. Wigs are also beneficial for a physically active person due to the fact that there are many well-ventilated pieces that allow you to not overheat. [1]

Who should choose weaves? 

Long story short, weaves are great for someone who is looking for a more long term commitment. Weaves are great for those who live an active lifestyle and those who don’t want to deal with their natural hair. 

You don’t have as much freedom as you would with a wig, but you can have less upkeep and they’re relatively cheaper. These are two big factors you need to account for when deciding.

Weaves are a great option for someone who is always on the go. These hair additives allow you to go from place to place without worrying about your hair.

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Wigs vs Weaves – What are the considerations? 

Style Flexibility

Wigs are by far more flexible than hair weaves. They allow you to change your hairstyle, color or length in just seconds. This is an important factor for many.

Wigs have become more advanced over the years resulting in more natural looks and the ability to show off your natural hairline.  

Weaves allow you to be more flexible in terms of hairstyles. You treat them as if they are a part of your natural hair.

If you like hairstyles that involve your hair being tied up, keep in mind you may be able to see the tracts of the weaves.

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Cost plays a big part in deciding which would be the better option for you. You don’t need to break the bank to switch up your style but if you want something to last, it’s better to invest upfront.

Wigs can be quite expensive depending on the company and the type of hair they decide to use. On average you can expect to spend around $300 for a decent human hair wig with a lace front. 

Wigs can easily go over $1000, but it’s important you do research to ensure you are not getting scammed and the hair is worth the price.

Weaves cost depends on the type of hair you want to get installed, just like a wig. The installation technique can also affect how much money you plan on spending.

 With this in mind you can expect to spend around $200-$300 in total. This should cover the cost of not only the bundles, but also the installation of the hair .


Generally weaves last longer than wigs making them more cost effective and an overall cheaper option in the long run.

Since weaves can last around 2 years, you just need to worry about the installation process which is something you’re able to do yourself if you learn. Installations will last a little over a month if installed correctly.

Wigs last on average 1 year if taken care of properly. If professionally installed they can last just under a month. The biggest factor in wigs is how often you decide to wear the hair.


Generally both wigs and weaves have about the same level of freedom and restrictions. Keep in mind these hair pieces are fake and not permanently attached to the head.

Granted technology has become more advanced and certain aspects, like the hairline, have become more natural looking. At the end of the day, if the piece isn’t attached properly you could easily lose it.

With this in mind, anyone who is physically active should keep in mind this subtle restriction. It’s easily fixable and just keep in mind the benefit of avoiding any type of activity that could easily break down or tear at the installed hair piece.

Which do you choose?

Both hair pieces are great options for those who want to try a protective style. Wigs are convenient yet expensive. 

On the other hand, weave prices are more consistent, but require more attention when getting installed. Weaves also last longer and are generally cheaper. 

At the end of the day the deciding factor should really be your lifestyle! Do the needed research to find out what would work best for your life and you will no doubt make a great decision. 

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