40 Wet and Wavy Weaves Hairstyles in 2023

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Wavy hair is very pretty. Wet weave styles are beautiful and could transform your entire look with a few easy steps. Below, we have outlined 40 wet weave hairstyles that are sure to turn heads!

40 Wet and Wavy Weave Hairstyles

Wet and wavy styles are not necessarily ‘wet’ like the name suggests. However, the hair does have to be dampened to achieve your desired look and a few hair supplies are added to help you customize the weaves. But the wet style imitates the look wavy hair would get if drenched under water. I like this style for the cute variation of looks it has.

This hairstyle can range from sleek to voluminous depending on the wave pattern and looseness. The wet look does not have to be slicked back and sleek like it once was. But it can now be styled in a side parting, half-up, or worn as a ponytail. 

1. Side Parting

Source: @jett_black

Side partings look good with every style. The wet and wavy hair is cute. I believe sleek baby hairs go well with wet looks. The lifted front is a good addition to this style and also helps keep the hair out of your face.

2. Color

Source: @arrogant_tae123

I love this wet pink style. The soft finger waves at the top lead to the wet loose waves and create a very unique style. 

3.  Half-Up Loose Waves

Source: @shoplavishqueens

The wet look can work on any waves. They can range from loose to tight wave patterns. The ones in the picture are larger and loose. It looks great in the half-up style.

4. Wet Wave

Source: @theehauseofluxe

I like the slicked-down top of this style. You could start the waves at the roots if you prefer. But creating a defining parting by slicking down the roots looks pretty. 

5. Double Ponytail

Source: @taethestylist_

I am seeing more and more childlike bows and barrettes being used in adult hairstyles. I feel like it’s a fun and cutesy way to dress up a style. The fun hair clips and bows compliment these two small ponytails in this wet and wavy look. 

6. Bob Knots

Source: @taethestylist_

I like bob knots a lot. The pairing of these two knots with the wet waves was a great idea. This style is so cute and looks like a fantastic style to wear.

7. Color Highlights

Source: @nizzymacc

I like highlights in every style. I love the dimension and definition it provides to styles. The blonde highlights look gorgeous in this style.

8. Short With Small Curly Ponytails

Source: @therealiyanaa

Adding small ponytails to the front of this style is a great way to switch up the look. The small ponytails add a playfulness to this look that goes great with the wet bob. 

9. Waist Length

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Waist length styles normally are harder to customize. But this wavy style would be an easy choice for long hair. You may use more hair products than you would if it was shorter. But it would be worth it for this look.

10. Middle Part Bob

Source: @aligracehair_1

The bob styles look good with any style. I like the shape of this bob with the wet waves. It looks great with her face shape. It’s important that you know which hairstyles and cuts look best with your face shape and desired look. 

11. Half-Up Bun

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Top buns are a good go-to style. I like this half-up bun style. The bun is a good size and goes great with the big wet waves in the back.

12. Long With Rubber Band Design

Source: @hurela_hair

Rubber banding hair is a great way to style and create a design if you can’t braid. I like the crisscross design. It is stylish and a great add-on to this style.

13. Braided Front

Source: @jett_black

The two feed-in braids coming down the side are different ways to do a braided front style. There are several options for braids and this one goes perfectly with this style. The wet waves look great with the two braids.

14. Side Swept

Source: @dailydoseofhair

The side-swept style is stunning. The curled baby hairs look fantastic with the wet waves and this color looks great with her skin tone. The side-swept styles are great for formal occasions or any occasion requiring you to dress up. 

15. Double Buns

Source: @dailydoseofhair

This blonde goes great with the brown in this style. I love that the buns are also wet like the rest of the hair. It looks more cohesive. 

16. Ombre 

Source: @jasminedyonna

This black to blonde and brown ombré style is fantastic. I love the layered colors of this style that gives this dimension and texture.

17. Angled Bob

Source: @aligracehair_1

Angled bobs are my favorite with layers. But this blunt-cut wet angled bob is gorgeous. The waves add body to this bob and look great.

18. Red 

Source: @enhancebydiane

I was disappointed in the lack of color I could find for the wet, wavy style. But this red looks gorgeous. Color enhances the style and brings out the texture. So don’t hesitate to do this with a colorful look.

19. Large Waves

Source: @jasminedyonna

Larger waves look great wet. This style gives a beach wave look. This style looks great side swept but it would look good in any way you want to style it.

20. Long Bob

Source: @tishaesworld_

I like this full long bob. It has volume and doesn’t look flat. This style looks great wet. There are areas where the waves are well defined and pop out and other areas where they are smaller. This style looks amazing.

21. Sleek Waves

Source: @bombtress

I like the sleek wet style. The waves are well defined and pop in this style. I don’t mind the lack of volume in these styles because they do have a good amount of movement still.

22. Skunk Stripe 

Source: @bombtress

The skunk stripe is a great idea. I love how that part pops out. The highlights look great as well in this wet style. These waves are also not uniform which looks great.

23. High Ponytail

Source: @jett_black

I love the contrast of the flat front fronts with the wet waves in the back. This rubber band style leads to a small, high wavy ponytail. This style looks good but you also have the option of leaving the hair down or only doing the design on one side to create the side-swept look. 

24. Headband

Source: @marykbella

I love how fast and easy headband wigs are. This wet and wavy one would be a fantastic addition to any wig collection. You don’t have to worry about styling either with this type of wig.

25.  Braided Side Ponytail

Source: @aligracehair_1

From the colorful rubber bands to the side ponytail, the style screams “fun”. I like that this style wasn’t left straight. The wet waves look great with this styling choice.

26. Low Ponytail

Source: @the1bunqueen

The extra low ponytail is very unique. This ponytail is so cute and looks great with the sleek-back style.

27. Side Part Color

Source: @promptlypolishedbeauty

This blended color bob looks great. I like the definition of the waves and I love the look of this style. This style is gorgeous and a great length for people who do not like extremely long hair.

28. Ponytail

Source: @thesophiechanelle

This high ponytail is nice looking. The waves in this look are large and well-defined.  I like this style for a quick night out or a casual day. This style would look great with a shorter ponytail as well as a few more baby hairs. 

29. Auburn

Source: @sj.thesylist

The before and after of this picture are amazing. I like the flatter wet styles as well as the ones with more volume. The auburn color really pops! The orange and red clash together well. The high tones and lows really bring out the dimension and waves in this style.

30. Straight Back

Source: @topnotchtouch

This is another cute way to add pizzazz to a style without braiding. These connected rubber bands create a cute style. I like the slight swirl and baby hairs – they are a fantastic addition to the overall look.

31. Purple Wet Weave

Source: @iam_jonathan

I love the light and dark purple colors of this style. This is a unique, wavy look because the waves are extremely loose. This style looks amazing with the sleek roots leading to the wet and wavy tresses. 

32. Slick Back Short 

Source: @youngafricana

This short, slicked-back style is pretty. I like the addition of the two pieces of hair in the front instead of pushing it all back. The soft gelled-back style looks great.

33. Wet Weave Braided Front

Source: @lilitaley

Braiding your hair in different ways can add variation to the final look. These braids look to be blended well into the wet look.

34. Thick Waves

Source: @emmy_signature

This is a unit of thick bundled waves. This style has more volume because of the size of the waves. I think this style would look best in a half-up look with buns.

35. Slicked Back

Source: @aligracehair_1

The slick back look is the revival style of this wet and wavy look. People still get this style because it is gorgeous and edgy. This style is worth a try at least once. 

36. Long Layers

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Layering waist-length hair seems like a great idea. The layers would add extra movement to the wet waves. The baby hairs on this style add a nice little flare to this style.

37. Burgundy Water Waves

Source: @youngafricana

These burgundy wet waves are amazing. This middle parting looks so good with the layers and is styled with wet waves.

38. Fluffed

Source: @alicegracehair_1

This is a cute color and style. The fluffed look gives these waves more body. It looks just as good as a freshly wet-looking style. 

39. Fluffed Half-Up

Source: @alluringhands_

This is a great example of tight waves. These waves are so close together that the style looks like a fluffed style. I believe highlights or color would have enhanced this style by adding depth and dimension. 

40. Small Braids

Source: @chantler_tiara

These small braids are braided around the back of her head to give a pretty crown effect on her head. The wet waves are large and very cute.

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Final Thoughts

The wet and wavy style is so simple, and there are so many variations. The hardest part would be choosing the size and length of your next wavy style. 

Have you tried the wet look? Did you like it?


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