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What Are Micro link Hair Extensions

Published By: Kennedy

Last Updated: August 10, 2022

Micro link hair extensions are a relatively new procedure compared to other hair extension styles. Many people wonder about what they are exactly, so this article will tell you everything you need to know!

What are micro link hair extensions?

Micro links are metal beads or tubes that bind extensions to the natural hair. It is a method that does not require glue, tape, or thread. These extensions are very small and are placed all over the natural hair to make them look seamless and undetectable. There is the i-tip strand method, which is applied by inserting the tip of the extension into the micro link bead close to the root of the hair.[1]

There is also the weft method which binds a weft to the natural hair using micro links instead of glue or thread. Micro link extensions come in all different textures, colors, and lengths. They are best for those that want a long-lasting natural look and don’t mind maintenance or cost. They are also best for those who have healthy hair and a healthy scalp because they are placed so close to the roots. 


  • Easy install – Micro links tend to take less time than other installs such as sew-ins or lace fronts. They don’t require any braiding beforehand and don’t need glue or thread. Many people find that the process is fast when done by professionals and easy to sit through. Some people get their hair straightened if they are getting straight extensions, but you can install micro links on any hair texture. 
  • Heatless – You don’t have to use heat at any point when getting micro links. With a sew-in weave, for example, you may need to at least blow dry your hair to get flat cornrows. You will not have to blow dry or straighten the hair before you install micro links. This heatless option is also beneficial because it causes less damage to the hair.
  • Low maintenance – When you have micro links, it is easy to maintain the style that it had in the beginning. Micro links aren’t meant to be styled every day, so keeping up with the style that it was in the first place is simple compared to wigs or anything else that needs to be re-applied every day. 
  • Undetectable – Micro links blend very well with natural hair and it is very hard to tell when someone has them in. The links are so close to the roots, that they would rarely show. You can also put your hair up without them showing. It is easy to have a natural look, especially if you apply extensions that match your hair type. 


  • Expensive – Micro links can be a very expensive install. Typical installs done by professionals can run from $500 – $1000, and the cost of the hair adds to that. You also need to factor in the maintenance costs which are highly recommended to make the style last longer, which can typically range from $100-$300 every 2-3 weeks. This is not the method you want to go for if you are looking for the most affordable option.
  • Delicate – You have to treat micro links delicately while they are in. If you pull on the links, then you can pull them down or cause damage to the roots. Even while combing your micro links, you would need to hold them down with your hand while you comb to make sure they stay in place. This is not a good option for those who want to style their hair regularly and have the freedom to do what they want. 
  • Not short hair friendly – Micro links don’t blend well with short hair. The natural hair is supposed to cover the micro links and blend with it. If you have short hair, it will be very noticeable that you have extensions, especially in the front. 
  • Not sweat-friendly – If you are someone who sweats a lot, this may not be the hairstyle for you. Sweat makes curly hair frizzy at the roots, which can look strange with micro links. 

How long do micro link hair extensions last?

Micro link extensions usually last up to 2 months with good care. Maintenance is needed every 2-3 weeks to ensure the style lasts longer, but it isn’t recommended that you keep them in for longer than 2 months. 

Are micro link extensions good for your hair?

Micro links are generally not damaging to the hair. They can cause damage if they are applied too close to the scalp because they will pull off the roots more. They can also be damaging if they are tugged on frequently because the extensions are already weighing the hair down. A lot of heavy tugging on the roots and scalp can lead to breakage and/or traction alopecia over time. 

The Final Word

Micro links are a great way to add extra to your look! Like any style, they have their pros and cons, so make sure you consider them before you make your decision! 

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