What Does Pre-plucked Wigs Mean?

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Last Updated: June 28, 2022

Pre-plucked is a common sight to see when shopping for wigs. While this is common and many desire this add-on feature, have you ever wondered what exactly this word means?

Oftentimes you will see pre-plucked in the description of a wig and it’s quite easy to spot and desire once you understand what this word means. Let’s take a further look.

What does it mean for a wig to be pre-plucked?

A pre-plucked wig means you are purchasing a wig that has the hairline and/or part already plucked. What does plucked mean you might ask?

When you pluck a wig, you are literally plucking out pieces of hair. What this does is diffuse the line and make the unit blend better into the skin or wig cap. 

In earlier years, it was quite common to pluck hairs once you’ve already purchased the unit. In recent years, many companies have offered pre-plucking as a way of customization or a standard part of the wig – this allows for a better and more natural fit on you.

How to Pluck a Wig 

The first thing that’s needed when plucking a wig is a stable setting. This is done when the hair is attached to a stable foundation, generally a wig head. This will allow you to situate the hair in a way that is even and secure.

After the hair is secure, the only tool you will need is a pair of tweezers to get the best results when plucking. 

You are going to want to focus on the hairline and your desired part once you begin to pluck. It’s better to tweeze strands one by one to ensure you aren’t taking out too much hair at once. When the hairline or part starts to look diffused, that’s when you know you’ve done enough.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Plucked Units

Are pre-plucked wigs all good?


  • Naturalness – Plucking diffuses the hairline and part making the wig blend better when installed.
  • Time-saving – When you purchase a wig that’s already plucked, you don’t have to take time out of your day to do it. You can just throw on and go.


  • Price – Some companies only offer pre-plucking as a way of customization which you end up paying a lot more for.
  • Not fully customized – Generally, you end up having to do some sort of additional work on the pre-plucking to reach your ideal look.

Do you have to get a pre-plucked wig?

No, you don’t have to purchase a wig that is pre-plucked. Plucking a wig changes the style and makes the look more natural which is generally desired. While it usually comes done already, you don’t have to opt in for this add-on. You can skip and pluck it yourself at home to get your most ideal results.

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How do you make a wig look natural?

One of the easiest ways to make a wig look natural is by plucking it. This can easily be done on your own or you can purchase a wig that has this customization already done at the time of purchase. While this is the easiest way, you can also do other things such as bleach the knots to get a seamless blend.

The Bottomline

Pre-plucked wigs are a great option for so many people. They offer you a time-saving way to reach your ideal look. This is also a great type of unit for beginners to look into.

If you decide you don’t want to purchase a pre-plucked wig, you always have the option to do it yourself. It doesn’t take much time and you’re sure to love the results.


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