What is a 360 wig?

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Last Updated: August 10, 2022

360 lace wigs have become very popular among wig enthusiasts. This article will tell you what they are and everything you need to know about them.

What is a 360 wig?

A 360 wig is a wig that not only has lace in the front but lace in the back as well. This enables a person to pull their hair up in a high ponytail or bun and still have the illusion of a realistic hairline in the back as well as the front. A 360 wig does not have lace through the cap as a full lace wig does, only around the perimeter. 

A 360 wig can be made with any type of lace, such as transparent and HD lace. It can also be made with any type of hair. A 360 wig is more expensive than a lace front wig but less expensive than a full lace wig. 


  • Versatility – A 360 wig is very versatile because you can do many more styles with it than if you only had lace on the front. Some styles you can do with 360 wigs include updos, braids, and ponytails.

This is the ideal wig for people who like to switch up their style on a regular basis, and want to have the freedom to easily do so. There are also many options on the type of 360 wigs you can purchase. 360 wigs can be made with different laces and hair textures, so no matter what you want your wig to look like, you can get it as a 360 wig. 

  • Natural look- Due to the lace in the front and in the back, a 360 wig gives a more natural look. We not only have baby hairs in the front naturally but also in the back above the neck. You can truly make this type of wig look like your own hair, and wear it in the styles you wear your own hair in.[1]

This wig is also a great option for people who suffer from alopecia and other forms of hair loss because it gives a very natural look in the front and in the back. 

  • Parting space – You can part anywhere you want on a 360 lace wig. It is a good wig to have if you are a person that likes to switch up where you wear your part. 


  • Needs more security – Due to the lace in the front and in the back, this makes this wig less secure than a lace front wig. The most popular way to install the wigs is by using glue, but some people don’t like using glue because of how messy it is and the potential to cause hair loss in the hairline area. It may take other methods of securing your wig to avoid glue, like wig grips and elastic bands, which is something to consider before choosing this wig. 
  • Expensive – 360 wigs are at the top of the budget when it comes to wig choices. It is more expensive than a lace front and less expensive than a full lace wig. 360 wigs mainly cost more due to the extra lace used to create them. This means that if you get a really high-quality lace for this wig – like HD lace – it is going to be a lot more expensive than a standard silk lace. This is not a wig for those who want the most affordable option. 
  • Time – Customizing the front and the back of a 360 lace wig can be time-consuming. Not only do you have to make sure the lace is laid flat in the front, but you also need to make sure it is laid flat in the back. 

The back lace also requires the same customization as the front – such as plucking, tinting, and bleaching knots. Another time-consuming factor about this kind of wig is cleaning it. Washing the lace takes the most time because it is the most delicate part of the wig, and with a 360 wig, you will need to wash the lace in the front and the back. 

What’s the difference between a 360 wig and a full lace wig?

A 360 lace wig has lace only around the perimeter of the wig and a full lace wig has lace throughout the bottom of the cap. A full lace wig is more expensive than a 360 lace wig. A 360 lace wig is easier to install than a full lace wig. A full lace wig also looks the most natural, because not only can you part it anywhere on the wig, but you can also part it as far back as you want. Full lace wigs are more breathable than 360 lace wigs, which is great for people who sweat a lot or live in hot climates. 

How do you clean a 360 lace wig?

You clean a 360 lace wig similar to how you clean a lace front wig, except you are cleaning lace in the back of the wig as well. You want to make sure when you are cleaning the lace that you are being very gentle with it because you don’t want to pull the hair out in that area. Use alcohol to loosen strong adhesive or product buildup on the lace, and gently rub it in from the bottom to make sure it comes out. You shouldn’t rub on the top because that could rub some of the hairs out. 

How long can you wear a 360 wig without taking it off?

You shouldn’t wear a lace front wig consecutively for about 4-6 weeks. However, because of product buildup on the lace, you may need to remove the wig to clean it off before the 6-week mark. You also need to make sure you don’t go past the 6-week mark because that could cause damage to your edges and the natural hair underneath can start to tangle because of it not being brushed out. 

The Final Word

360 lace wigs are great wigs to add to your rotation. Consider the pros and cons to determine if they fit with your lifestyle. 

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