What is a U Part Wig?

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Last Updated: July 6, 2022

The beauty industry has its benefits, especially in 2022. Businesses have been able to create products that are innovative and beneficial to their customers.

U-part wigs, although not new to the scene, have been a highly desired product due to what they can accomplish.

Let’s take a further look as to what this type of product exactly is and some of the features it carries to make it so desirable.

What is a U-part wig?

A U-part wig is a type of hair unit that omits the front part of the wig. This allows you to showcase your natural hair where the part is and have a natural-looking part. U-part wigs come in different sizes and shapes. 

If you’re interested in a certain part style, it’s important to be aware before purchasing. Center, middles, and side parts are all widely available but you’re generally stuck with whatever style you decide to purchase. 

Finding the right fitting unit is extremely important when dealing with U-part wigs. If you don’t have the right fitting unit, the entire look can appear to not look right and not blend right.

Features of a U-part Wig

1. Price 

One of the biggest draws of a U-part wig is the price tag that comes along with it. You can easily find a U-part wig for under $100. If you prefer longer wigs, that’s when you’ll likely have to pay more. 

Despite the increase in price, an average price for longer units will fall in the low hundred dollar range.

This affordable price makes sense considering you don’t have a complete unit. Aside from the length, there aren’t many customizations available. That being said, the prices are generally stable and you shouldn’t have to pay more than the base price.

2. Versatility

U-part wigs come in a variety of different textures which is ideal for matching your natural hair. FInding a texture similar to your hair will result in not only easy styling but also an overall naturalness.

Another benefit of U-part wigs is you can easily remove the wig after it has been installed to give your hair a break.

While density isn’t always a customizable option, some companies offer it. This allows you to customize the unit into something that is even more similar to the overall look you’re going for.

3. Quality

Over the years, U-part wigs have greatly improved their quality and have become a great staple piece. While there isn’t much area for customization, you can get a basic unit of quality for an affordable price.

Human hair is a standard on most of these units and it creates great quality right off of the bat. The hairline of these types of wigs is generally good quality as well as they have to lay flat to blend with your hair.

U-part wigs typically come with a method of securing such as combs or clips. They are generally situated right around the part so that you’re able to secure the unit without it lifting. If your wig doesn’t come with these, you can easily install them yourself.

How do you use a U-part wig?

It’s fairly easy to install a U-part wig. The installation is similar to any other type of wig, the biggest difference is you have to leave out the top part of your hair. You will likely have to do some additional styling with a U-part wig considering part of your natural hair will constantly be out.

How long does a U-part wig last?

The biggest difference between other hair units and a U-part wig is the leave-out that is present. A U-part wig can last as long as the leave-out can go. If your scalp tends to get dry fast and needs to be washed frequently, the wig will only last so long. Since your leave-out completes the look, you want to ensure the hair is in its best shape.

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Can you sleep in a U-part wig? 

Yes, you can sleep in a U-part wig. Just like any other hair unit, if you decide to sleep in it, you want to ensure the hair underneath is taken care of properly so no damage occurs. Securing the hair underneath will ensure snagging doesn’t happen. You can also wear bonnets and other protective tools to protect the leave out.

The Bottomline

U-part wigs are great natural-looking wigs. They are an affordable option that is extremely versatile and generally very high quality.

U-part wigs are very similar to other hair units and can be treated similarly as a result. While it is possible to sleep in these types of wigs along with leaving them on for a long period, it’s not always the best idea to do this. 

Keep in mind wigs are meant to protect your hair so take all of the proper precautions to end up with healthy hair.


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