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What is Brazilian Hair?

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Last Updated: November 12, 2021

Brazilian hair. Likely you have heard of this phrase–but what exactly does it mean?

Due to social media, switching your style up in an easy and effective way is an important goal for many. This has heightened the interest of consumers in extensions and wigs. 

Researching the different types of hair is a great idea before you decide to make a purchase. Let’s take a look at what brazilian hair includes.

What is brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair is one of the most popular types of hair on the market. It falls under the category of human hair which is one reason that makes it so loveable. 

This best selling hair is thick, rich in color, and overall durable yet soft. This makes the hair suitable for any style; straight, wavy, or curly. It can handle chemicals like color well and blends with many natural hair types. 

Due to its versatility almost any style can be held. Shedding and tangling are not very likely and its overall quality is high due to the hair’s healthy strands. 

Its like expectancy is about 1 year making it a great investment whether you are just starting out with extensions or an experienced stylist.

How is the hair processed?

The first step brazilain hair generally goes through is an acid wash. This cleans the hair and strips the hair of its cuticle. [1]

One benefit of doing this is once the cuticle has been removed, it’s easier for the hair to be colored and treated according to the manufacturer.  Usually processed hair is coated in silicone after the acid wash to replenish the appearance of the hair and overall shine. 

The color is usually more vibrant on processed hair due to the fact that the color can soak in easier. The biggest downfall of processed hair is the more you wash it, the silicone starts to wear off and a rough texture occurs. This is why this type of hair typically only lasts 1 year.

Common Mistakes Made with Brazilian Hair

  • Not handling the extensions properly is a common mistake. Whether you are brushing, washing, or styling the hair, you need to do so carefully. You can easily ruin the extensions if you don’t.
  • Not using the right products. There are products that are created specifically for extensions. They don’t dry out the hair or lead to excessive tangling. 
  • Another common mistake is underwashing the hair. Yes, the silicone layer will start to wear off the more you do so. Although this is the case, the hair is much better off without the silicone giving it the perfect shine as opposed to product build up.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazilian Hair

What makes this hair such a best seller? Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Durable – Brazilian hair does great with color and can handle heat tools. This allows you to have even more diversity with your extensions and reach your desired style.
  • Premium – Since brazilian hair comes from humans, it’s of high quality. This results in an authentically natural look. 
  • Easy – due to its texture, you can easily blend the hair and have relatively low maintenance with the hair.


  • Weight – Due to the durable nature of the hair, It can tend to feel a little bit heavy and uncomfortable. This is especially noticeable on hot summer days.
  • Longevity – While brazilian hair can last up to a year, there are other types of extensions that can last much longer. This isn’t a big con but definitely something to consider.

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What is the average price of brazilian hair?

Since brazilian hair is so popular it’s typically pretty affordable considering what you’re receiving. This allows you to get a high quality texture with durability. Bundles can range from $45-$75 per bundle. 

With proper care brazilian hair can last a year making them a worthwhile investment. Many companies also offer a money back guarantee or flexible return policies making the investment worth it. 

This type of hair is soft, versatile, and durable. For the quality of this hair and its price, it  makes it a great go to whether you are a beginner or not. 

How to Maintain Brazilian hair

Maintaining Brazilian hair is essential in keeping the longevity of the extensions. Here are some basic steps to take to maintain the hair.

Brush the hair daily, even multiple times to release tangles. Do so gently to avoid excessive shedding. This is an essential step to carry out before washing.

When washing the hair do so with warm water and a sulphate-free shampoo. This reduces frizz while still getting a good clean.Sulfate-free conditioner is another ideal product for maintaining the extensions.

Air drying your hair and gently squeezing out the excess water is recommended. If you have to use a blow dryer, do so on a low heat setting.

Deep conditioning the hair is also beneficial in keeping the stands from becoming dry and brittle. 

What have we learned?

This best selling hair is a great go to for anyone. It provides so much versatility and a premium hair experience. 

Although there are few disadvantages, you are sure to find a reason to love brazilian hair. For the quality, it’s a great investment and fairly easy to maintain. 

Make sure to not follow any of the common mistakes and your hair is sure to last for a long time. Giving you the style you’ve always wanted to achieve for a longer amount of time.


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