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What Is Hair Bonding?

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Last Updated: February 14, 2022

There are mixed feelings when it comes to hair bonding. Many people have had very negative experiences using glue on their hair, and for others, it is close to the only option they have to have hair. 

There are many different techniques out there when it comes to hair bonding, which are very beneficial if executed correctly.

What is Hair Bonding?

Hair bonding is simply a method of applying hair extensions to your hair or scalp through the use of an adhesive/glue. It is usually a method used by people who are experiencing hair loss or want a quicker way of applying hair extensions. 

The bonding glue usually contains latex, keratin, or acrylic and is usually removed by rubbing alcohol or oil. This glue is not the same as wig glue, such as Got2B. 

Hair bonding takes significantly less time than sewing and is also an easier technique. However, glue that is attached to natural hair could be difficult to remove and potentially damaging if not cared for properly. 

There are many techniques that use bonding glue, and some of the most popular are discussed in this article. 

How long does hair bonding last?

Depending on the style, hair bonding can last between 3-6 months. However, within these time periods, there may be additional retouching. Hair adhesive should not be kept in the hair for too long because it could damage the hair. 

What is the difference between hair weaving and hair bonding?

Hair bonding is the process of using hair glue to attach hair extensions to the hair. Hair weaving is the process of attaching hair extensions using a needle and thread. Hair bonding is a more temporary option, due to the fact that the glue will loosen due to water/sweat. Hair bonding is also less labor-intensive than hair weaving. 

How do you use hair bonding/ install a weave with it?

Using hair bonding to install a weave is usually called a quick weave. A quick weave is done by first washing and drying the natural hair and parting it at the base. Then the track needs to be measured for the place you are applying it to on the head. Next, apply glue onto the weft of a track and apply to the hairline that is just under the scalp. Repeat the process until the desired look is achieved. A wig cap could be used in place of attaching the weave to your natural hair, in order to keep the head free of glue and achieve easy removal. 

Different Hair Bonding Techniques

Man Weave

There has been a recent phenomenon lately, especially among African-American men called man weaves. A man weave is a hairpiece that is applied to a man’s shaved scalp, and cut into a certain style. 

Its target audience is usually those who are experiencing male pattern baldness, hair thinning, or hair loss due to cancer. Man weaves are an alternative to hair transplant that is growing in popularity.

How a Man Weave is Installed

  1. The area where the hair is to be applied is shaved from the head. 
  2. Bonding glue is applied to the shaved area, usually, it is just the top of the head and the surrounding area still has hair intact 
  3. Long pieces of hair extensions are applied to the glued area. Some extensions have a lace bottom, similar to a lace wig. The glue is then left to dry. 
  4. The extensions are cut to the desired length and blended into the real hair.

How Long Does a Man Weave Last?

Man weaves can last up to 12 weeks. After about 6 weeks the unit will start to lift in the front. Many people wear the weave until the lifting starts to become noticeable. The weave is also prone to itch after a while, so many men will go to their barber to get the weave removed so that their scalp can be washed and then re-installed. 

What barbers recommend to keep the unit intact for as long as possible is to avoid washing it. If a man weave comes into contact with water, the adhesive can begin to weaken and the hair can become poofy. Barbers also recommended wearing a shower cap while taking a shower and a head covering while in bed. The better the weave is taken care of, the longer it will last.

How Much are Man Weaves?

Man weaves can cost anywhere between $250 to $1000. There is a lot of time and effort taken into installing a man weave, especially because of having to blend the natural hair with the unit to make it look natural. After the 8 week period, many men get a touch-up for around $150 every month. 

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are a popular form of bonding among women. These types of extensions are individual hairpieces tipped with keratin glue, Keratin glue is not damaging to the hair unless it is pulled out prematurely or improperly. 

Fusion hair extensions create a very natural-looking outcome and make it very easy for the client to manipulate the hair into any style. These types of hair extensions are usually applied by women who want a fuller head of hair, highlights, or an increase in length.

How to Apply Fusion Hair Extensions

  1. First the hair is parted horizontally at the base of the head.
  2. The hair is separated into small sections where the hair extensions will be applied.
  3. The section of hair is covered by plastic at the roots so that the glue will not touch the scalp when it melts.
  4. The hair extension is bonded to the hair using a heating tool, and the glued part is rolled onto the hair after it is melted.
  5. The process is repeated until the desired look is achieved, and can usually take between 2-3 hours. 

How long do Fusion Hair Extensions Last?

Fusion hair extensions last up to six months. If your hair grows fast it could last less than six months, because the glue is supposed to be close to the root. 

It is recommended that the extensions be removed at the six month mark to avoid any matting from the glue – which could cause hair damage. It is also recommended that the extensions be removed by a professional stylist, so as to avoid hair damage that could occur from removing the glue. 

How Much do Fusion Extensions Cost?

Typically, fusion hair extensions cost between $400 and $800+ depending on the length and volume of the hairstyle. 

Quick weave

Quick weaves are done by gluing tracks of hair onto the scalp or a wig cap. Many people opt for a quick weave when they don’t want to spend the time or money it takes for a sew-in.

How Long Do Quick Weaves Last?

A quick weave can last for up to 5-6 weeks, depending on how well it is taken care of. 

There is not as much movement that happens, due to the limited styling options you can do with a bonded weave – which makes it very low-maintenance. 

The glue used to apply tracks on the head is strong and should be able to withstand the pressure that is placed on the hair for the duration of its use. However, if not applied properly, it is possible for a few tracks to fall out. 

Also, the quality of the glue is a factor in how long the weave will last. Higher quality glue is stronger and will last longer.

How much do Quick Weaves Cost?

If you are getting a quick weave done by a stylist, it can cost about $100 – not including the hair purchase.

It is relatively easy to install a quick weave yourself, which would only cost you for the hair and glue. Many choose this option for its affordability because you would not have to pay a stylist to install it for you. 

If a quick weave is glued onto a wig cap, the removal is very easy and non-damaging to the hair. If the weave was applied to the natural hair, many people would go to a stylist to properly remove it and avoid any possible hair damage. A removal for a quick weave can cost about $70+ extra.

Can hair glue damage your scalp?

Hair bonding glue can damage your scalp if you are not careful with it. Hair glue blocks the pores on your scalp. If hair glue gets on your scalp, it can damage the hair follicles and dry out your hair. If you go to a stylist for hair bonding, they usually take extra precautions to make sure that the glue does not touch your skin. 

Hair glue also makes your hair extensions heavier. Excessive pulling on the scalp can lead to breakage and over time, permanent hair loss. It is important to consider how much weight you are applying to your scalp so that you are avoiding irritation and stress to the follicles. The irritation to your scalp can also lead to itchiness and soreness. 

Some people do not account for possible allergies they may have to the ingredients in hair glue. The soluble latex in the glue may cause a reaction to those that are allergic to it. The allergy symptoms are usually swelling and lesions on the scalp. It is important to check for any swelling or bumps that may occur after you have had your hair bonded. It is also important to make sure that the glue is not directly applied to your scalp. 

The Final Word

Hair bonding is very popular among people who want a convenient, more affordable way to add extensions. If done correctly, it can be a great way to add flare to your hair. 


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