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What is Transparent Lace?

Published By: Kennedy

Last Updated: July 25, 2022

Transparent lace is a very popular lace for frontals and closures. However, there is more to the lace than what its name describes. This article will tell you everything you need to know about transparent lace and more!

What is Transparent Lace?

Transparent lace is a very thin and ventilated lace that looks undetectable on the skin. 

It is usually made with French or Swiss lace. Although it is called “transparent” lace it is not completely see-through or invisible, however, it is much easier to customize to your own skin tone than regular lace. 

The lace is also softer and more comfortable than regular lace. Transparent lace differs from regular lace because it is not as noticeable and lighter. Transparent lace also makes for less noticeable knots. Many people choose transparent lace for its natural qualities and ease of installation. 

What I Like

  • Breathable – Transparent lace is very light and airy, so it does not weigh heavy on the skin and reduces the possibility of seat and buildup from happening underneath. It is also very flexible which makes it easier to install. 
  • Thin – Transparent lace is definitely thin and at the same time sturdy enough to handle. Many people like its comfortability and durability. It lays much flatter on the scalp than regular lace, and you could even wear it without using glue.
  • Should Match Skin Tone – If the transparent lace is of good quality, it should match all skin tones fairly well. However, it is common for people to have to do some slight tweaking to tint the lace.

What I Don’t Like

  • More Expensive than Regular Lace – Transparent lace is more expensive than regular lace due to its thinness and color. It may not be an affordable option for some people.
  • Most Likely to Need Customizing – Although transparent lace is thin, it may need to be customized to match some skin tones. Transparent lace is not completely transparent and still has a slight tint, so it may still have to be tinted in order to match a certain skin tone perfectly. Tinting the lace takes extra time and effort and may be inconvenient for some people.

How to Install Transparent Lace

  • Tint the Lace – If the lace looks very obvious against the skin, you will need to tint it to make it look more natural. You can tint the lace easily by using your foundation and applying it to the lace with a makeup brush. The foundation can be in powder or liquid form.

 You can also tint the lace by using a tinting spray.  A tinting spray comes in all different colors, and when you find the color that is right for you, then you just spray the tinting spray onto the lace and let it dry before you put it on.

  • Apply Glue – After your lace is properly matched to your skin, you can add glue to your hairline. You will need to add the glue on your forehead, along your hairline, but not directly on your hair. 

After the glue is applied, you will need to let it dry a little before applying the lace. Using a blow dryer on the cool setting can help speed up this process. After the glue feels tacky, then you can apply the lace frontal to your head and press it down with a comb.

  • Cut the Excess Lace – When the lace is pressed down, you can cut off the excess that is along the hairline. Cutting the lace after gluing will help you to cut in a way that is most natural to your hairline. 
  • Let it Dry Flat – After the frontal is pressed down, tying a scarf around the hairline and letting it completely dry will help to keep everything in place. 

Is transparent lace the same as HD lace?

No, HD lace and transparent lace are not the same mostly due to the fact that HD is more transparent than transparent lace. Although transparent lace is thought to be transparent, HD lace is actually the most see-through. It is easier to match your skin tone with HD lace because it does not need to be tinted like transparent lace might. 

HD lace is not as durable as transparent lace, due to it being so delicate. HD lace is also more expensive than transparent lace. However, both are easily customizable to any skin tone and thin.  

Is transparent lace good for brown skin?

Due to transparent lace having a bit of a lighter color tint, it may not match darker skin tones perfectly. Transparent lace is not completely see-through – despite the name. However, tinting and customizing transparent lace is much easier than tinting standard lace. Transparent lace is also one of the thinnest laces, so it will lay against your scalp flatter – making it even more undetectable. 

How do I match my skin tone with lace?

Usually when the lace you buy does not look the same color as your skin. One of the easiest ways to remedy this situation is to apply something that is the same color as your skin onto the lace – such as foundation. Using foundation powder is better than using a liquid foundation because it spreads easier and does not look too bulky on the lace. When applying the foundation onto the lace, it is best to spread it under and on top of the lace. 

How do you blend lace into skin?

There is a process needed for many frontals that’s called “melting the lace”. When you melt the lace you are essentially laying the lace onto your forehead as flat as possible. This process is best done with glue. Using Got2B glue spray is an easy way to apply the glue onto the forehead. While the glue is still wet, the lace should be applied, pressed down, and then blow-dried until it is set. However, there are other methods using stronger glue.

The Final Word

There are many benefits to transparent lace and ways to make it look natural. However, there are pros and cons to everything so make sure you know what it is that you are looking for!


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