Why Are Lace Front Wigs Better?

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Last Updated: June 27, 2022

You’ve likely heard the term lace front before, but what exactly does it mean and why is this product so highly coveted? 

We’re going to discuss why lace fronts have become a household item and why they are such a great product. Let’s take a further look.

Why are lace front wigs better? 

First, it’s important to understand what exactly a lace front is. A lace front is a product that is designed to create a natural looking hairline. The lace is situated at the front of the unit to help with blending into the scalp.

This is the biggest reason as to why lace fronts take the win when compared to others, the finishing look they give. Another area that makes lace fronts so desirable is the weight. The lace is lightweight making it significantly less heavy when compared with general wigs.

This also makes the wig more breathable and ideal for those who find wigs to be too hot, especially on summer days!

Another plus of lace fronts are the versatility that comes along with them. You are able to expose the hairline making it easier to style and further customize.

What’s the point of a lace front wig?

Lace fronts are designed to create a natural hairline. This is the sole purpose of the product and while it seems simple, it has a big effect. You can change the entire look you’re going for if you’re able to expose the hairline. 

With the added versatility and naturalness, you can expect to pay a bit more compared to general wigs not equipped with lace.

The lace is generally made from high quality material and makes the price worth it. High quality hair is generally equipped with the lace to produce the highest quality product.

What is the difference between a lace front and a full lace wig?

A lace front consists of lace only in the direct front of the unit. It generally spans at least 4 inches back giving you a good amount of area to work with when styling. 

Lace fronts are generally hand-tied making the hair appear as if it is growing straight out of the “scalp”. This is also true of full lace wigs. 

The biggest difference is that full lace wigs consist of lace throughout the entire unit. This allows you to reach the maximum amount of naturalness. This being said, since the entire unit is lace, it’s a lot more fragile. The price will also increase due to the amount of lace that’s used.

How long does it take to install a lace front wig?

It is fairly easy to install a lace front. There are plenty of ways to go about the installation and you have the option to keep them in, short term or long term. If you decide to keep the hair in short term, you can utilize glue or gel and this can take you as little as 10 minutes. If you want a more permanature effect you can utilize thread and needle and longer lasting glues, this can amount to around 30 minutes or more.

Where is the best place to purchase a lace front wig?

Generally, it’s best to purchase this type of wig online. E-commerce companies generally have the best deals and a wide selection. While you don’t get to try out the hair in real life, you can take advantage of reviews and the grading system to get a better understanding of the type of hair you’re going to receive.

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How long can you keep a lace front on?

This greatly depends on how the unit was installed. You have the option to keep these types of units on both short and long term. You can keep a lace wig on for as little as a few hours and as long as a few weeks. As always it’s important to keep your natural hair moisturized and protected, regardless of how long you keep the wig on. The longest you should keep a wig on without tending to the hair underneath can range from 2-4 weeks.

The Bottomline 

Lace fronts are ideal due to the naturalness they provide to the wearer! While you can expect to pay a little more, they are a great option as they give you a lot of room to work with.

They make styling a lot easier and although not as versatile as full lace wig, they give a similar effect for a fraction of the price.

The bottom line is lace fronts will almost always win when deciding on the best types of units overall. If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether or not to purchase one, let this be a motivating factor, do it!


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