Wiggins Hair Review (2023): Quality, Price, and Pros & Cons

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia and as a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve learned there are a few things you need to look for when dealing with wigs and extensions. 

One benefit of being in the beauty industry is you start to realize the long-term benefit of buying high-quality hair. 

I have also learned to do sufficient research on the company you are buying from.

Today, I will be reviewing the loose deep wave lace front wig from Wiggins.


The Wiggins hair website was officially launched in 1997. The company is located in China, the biggest producer of hair. Their products are 100% virgin human hair products that combine modern technology with competitive prices and high-quality hair.

My first experience with the website was how basic it looked. Although the website was basic and looked similar to others, it showcased all the bestselling products and even provided helpful discounts. They also provide links to the hair shown on Instagram to the products that are being sold.

The units provided on the site offer a choice for everyone. Most of their units come installed with undetectable lace. Wigs, closures, and frontals are all part of the undetectable club and are also a part of trending units with high sales.

The customer service part of the company was quite helpful. They have a 24-hour online messaging system that responds immediately. Along with the messaging system, they also have an email that they respond to every 2 hours.

The delivery of the item was fast, only 3 days. The company works with 2 different shipping companies and even provides tracking information. Depending on the country you are shipping to, the delivery time may take up to 20 days.

The reviews were mostly positive. The majority of the clients were happy with their purchase. There were only a few commentators who felt as if the hair was not worth the money. 

Always ensure that the reviews you use come from a reputable source, such as Trustpilot.

What I Like

  • Size guide – The company provides this guide for your cap to ensure you select the proper size.
  • Density – The customer has a choice of 3 different density percentages.
  • Texture –This unit had a beautiful wave that was bouncy yet subtle leading to natural looking hair.

What I Don’t Like

  • Return policy – The company only refunds within 15 days of you receiving your delivery.
  • Lost shipments – If the hair has been marked as delivered, even if lost, the company will not resend or refund.
  • Smell – The hair has an unpleasant smell when first opening the package.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand 

This loose deep wave wig was overall a very pleasing purchase and the lace front accurately matched the website description.

What I Like

    The texture of the hair was beautiful and the subtle wave effortlessly bounced and kept its shape even when brushed out. The ends of the hair were not as defined as the rest of the hair, but that could easily be fixed with some specialist products.

What I Don’t Like

    One downfall of this product is the smell. However, if you leave it out to air or even wash the unit, it will go away. This being said when you first take the unit out of the packaging, it has a strong chemical smell, so it is not a throw-on-and-go unit for this reason.


The hair was purchased in regular lace, not HD and I do feel like there is a big difference. The difference played a part not in matching with the scalp but the knots of the hair strand.

What I Like

    About half of the cap area is made of lace which leads to more parting options. The pre-cut baby hairs are an added bonus of the unit along with the pre-plucking.

What I Don’t Like

    The lace color isn’t too bad, but the knots are quite obvious. You would have to bleach the knots to get them to seamlessly blend with the lace.


The hair was purchased in a 180% density and you can tell. The added thickness of the hair is clearly evident.

What I Like

    The site offers two additional options going up to 250%. While those densities are nice, I feel as if you would need to purchase a longer length of hair in order for it to not be too thick and look balanced.

What I Don’t Like

    However, it is unclear whether buying a more dense unit would affect the ends of the wig and make them slightly more defined or too thick.


The cap is stretchy and perfect for conforming to the head and looking less bulky. 

What I Like

    It’s also quite breathable, which is a plus for those living in warmer areas.

    The lace itself is quite thick, making this a unit that would not fall apart easily. You wouldn’t have to worry about ripping the lace and are even less likely to accidentally cut it.

    The sewing is also done in a high-quality way, especially the way the frontal is connected to the rest of the unit. The frontal is attached in a way that doesn’t bulk up excessively and flows well into the rest of the wefts.

What I Don’t Like

    The cap only makes up about half of the unit, but it is made from a stable material. 

Cap Size

While the cap was bought in a medium size, it felt more like a small one to me. There didn’t seem like much room was available for someone who has an average amount of hair that will be secured underneath.

It does have elastic bands which lead to a good stretch but it is not around the entire cap. The elastic does not allow the cap to stretch that much.

The unit came in three different cap sizes and for the price that made sense. If you have a lot of natural hair I would even recommend sizing up since you have the option to.

Store Experience 

The website was similar in look to many other hair sites. While this is the case, it covers every possible subject that is needed. There are categories for their best sellers, hot categories, and best styles.

What I like

One beneficial aspect of the website was the Instagram site which highlights how different customers style their hair. The company also links these pictures with the exact hair that is being sold.

Weave bundles are highly marketed on the site, along with wigs which are considered a hot trend. Advertising these on the site’s home page, it ensures these products are good sellers.

The company is also very generous when it comes to discount codes and ensuring safe delivery.

What I don’t like

There were no real negatives, but the website itself was very basic.

Range of Products

The products the company is known for would have to be their lace front wigs, especially ones with HD lace. This lace is undetectable and matches all skin tones. 

What I like

Their frontals are ear-to-ear lace and pre-plucked. Their closures are thick and full, with 100% human hair. Both closures and frontals come in a variety of sizes. Most units come with 3 different types of hair and 8 different styles.

Wholesale and dropshipping are available on products, you just need to fill out an application. The company provides customized labeling and logo packaging for your company.

Wiggins also provides a variety of different hair densities. For the unit we have, there were up to 3 different choices in how dense the hair could be.

There were no negatives when it comes to the range of products they have.

Customer support 

Many customers have highlighted their great experience when dealing with the customer service of Wiggins hair. I personally had a helpful experience with the company as well.

What I like

The site has a 24-hour online service that provides answers to inquiries within seconds. They also have an email dedicated to customer service advice that they answer every two hours.

If you have a return, the customer support department is available to work with you. Their goal is to focus on customer service experience and properly handle any problems that may arise.

What I don’t like

While I didn’t get an update on my tracking information, the company does claim to provide one as soon as the hair is shipped out.

Delivery Time

The delivery of the item was fast. 

What I like

The company claims to ship to most countries in 3-5 business days. 

The company’s main shipping providers are DHL and FedEx. I received mine via DHL in about 3 business days. 

Once your order has been processed you should receive tracking information. This can take up to 48 hours to process. At times the tracking may not show up, but you will still receive your order, the tracking could just be delayed.

What I don’t like

In rare cases shipping can take between 5-20 days, depending on the shipping speed in your specific country.

What others are saying

The customer was happy with the purchase of her hair and specifically the communication they received from the company. She also noted the soft texture of the hair as well.

This customer was not very happy with the purchase. She highlights the quality of the hair was not ideal for the money. She also highlights that fake reviews were made specifically on YouTube. 


Is Wiggins Hair good?

The company is a professional virgin human hair manufacturer. Wiggins has a high reputation and is known to provide quality hair to its clients. 

Can I color my Wiggins Hair?

Yes, Wiggins’ hair from any collection can be colored. The company does advise seeking professional help to take on this task. This will allow for the best results and prevent the hair from being over-processed and damaged.

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Does Wiggins’ Hair have any hidden charges?

The final amount you pay should be the price of the order, plus any additional shipping. The only additional charge that may occur is the exchange rate of the currency if applicable. If this does occur, it’s usually less than 0.5% of the total price of the product.

Where does Wiggins Hair ship from?

Wiggins’ hair is shipped from a warehouse in China. It will take 1-2 days to process the order. The company ships to all countries and provides free standard shipping.

Do we recommend it? 

Wiggins hair is quite reputable and provides good quality products. The hair accurately matched the description and I’d agree with the positive reviews.

If I had to purchase again I would. The delivery was fast and the flexibility in size was helpful. Now that I’ve been able to experience a unit I would say if you are going to order, consider sizing up.

Overall I was happy shopping with this company and there weren’t any major downfalls that would make me reconsider this purchase. If you were looking into trying this company, do it. Hopefully, you have the same pleasant experience.


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